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Play the Guitar with Rhythmbox!

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How to Install

You can download the plugin from this website. Ubuntu users just install the .deb file user the Software Center or the Gdebi installer. The rest of you will have to compile this plugin from source.

How to enable

After installing you open Rhythmbox and go to “Edit/Plugins”. There you should find a plugin called “Tab Search Plugin”. You enable it by clicking its box and then right click on it to set the preferences. There you can set the websites you want the plugin to look for etc. You can also set the plugin to first search a specific folder on your hard drive.

How to use

Now go to the “View” menu and remove the unnecessary things and then press the “Tab Search” button on the top center. You should then get something like this:


The five tabs on the right column represent the five different tablatures from the five websites that the plugin looked into. This allows you to find the right tab quicker than ever and easier than ever. Changing the song you listen will make the plugin display the new tabs in less than a second! I tested it with many metal bands songs and it found tabs for all of them.

If you are a bassist or drummer don’t be disappointed. If bass or drums tabs are available on the websites, they will also be displayed by the plugin :)

Get Tabs Plugin

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