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Play Movies, Music, Photos from PC to TV, Mobile and Tablet

Why shouldn’t I watch a movie that I have on PC directly streamed to my mobile and tablet or my TV (if supported) from the comfort of my couch ?
You just need 3 minutes of your time to configure your PC and you are good to go !


You should have:

  • Smartphone and/or Tablet
  • For the TV, refer to the manual if it supports DLNA
  • Decide which folders are going to be available for streaming over your home network


Step 1 
Download and install “minidlna” from your package manager

Step 2
Edit the minidlna as administrator configuration file /etc/minidlna.conf e.g. type in a terminal:

$ sudo gedit /etc/minidlna.conf

and go to the line “set this to the directory you want scanned[…]” and add the folders that you want to be available for your devices. e.g I have added the following:


CAUTION: there should be no “#” before “media_dir….”

That’s it… save it and close the file and restart minidlna service e.g. type in the terminal:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/minidlna force-reload

Step 3

To be able to access the folders from your Phone/Tablet you need to install  MediaHouse available on Google Play store:

Play Store

Once you launch the app on your device you will see the available service that is provided through your PC. If your TV supports connecting to a dlna server you will also be able to play your media files (music/video/photos) on your TV.


Enjoy !

Final note:

When changing the settings in the minidlna configuration file you should rebuild the media database by running in the terminal:

$ minidlna -R

Or by adding the above command as a daily cronjob so that it will keep your media library in sync and keeping track of all new movies, videos and photos. If you don’t want to mess with cron, execute the command  just before watching any media file on your devices.

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