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Play Chinese Chess with GMChess!

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Chinese chess is played on a lined board and all the pieces movement is limited to these lines. There are no black and white rectangles here.

It is only natural for every non-Chinese in this world not to be able to distinguish enough the pieces so GMChess offers you the ability to change the use a western version of the pieces. If you do, you will notice the elephant and the cannon, two pieces that are not present on western chess.

The elephant pieces move and capture exactly two points diagonally and may not jump over intervening piece. The cannon moves any distance orthogonally without jumping, but can only capture by jumping a single piece (friendly or enemy) along its path. All other pieces move the same way they do on western chess.

GMChess doesn’t offer much settings to play with, but it does offer all the basic stuff you will probably need. You can set the timers for the game, the move depth thinking for the engine, the size of the board, the pieces type, and whether eleeye should be allowed to use opening book or not.

Unfortunately you can’t connect to the internet to play with other human players which would be great, but GMChess can be used as an initiation for learning Chinese chess by playing with a relatively strong engine. If you like games in which luck isn’t a factor and the possibilities are practically unmeasurable, then you should definitely download and try GMChess!

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