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Piwik Release 1.9 ..and of course we updated!

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Piwik 1.9

Installing, updating and moving Piwik to another server is a “walk in a park” for *everyone*! You can embed Piwik to your CMS/Framework (ie Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Django, etc) or in your Rails Apps through plugins and Gems (more than 20 frameworks are currently supported) -although I don’t see the reason to do that. You can run Piwik in a different server that the site you want to track -as we do. Another nice thing about Piwik is that supports around 40 languages ..and growing!

You can track multi-domains and many sites, and pretty much everything works as Google Analytics, with the only difference that Piwik is Open Source you need to personally host it and that means you need extra resources.

The latest version of Piwik brought three major features:

  • The ability to see exactly how visitors come to, traverse and exit your websites pages with the new Transitions plugin.
  • The ability to track how visitors use your website’s internal search mechanism with the new Site Search functionnality.
  • The ability to see what regions and cities your website visitors come from, as well as more accurate country tracking with the new GeoIP integration.

Please read the detailed Piwik 1.9 Changelog for more info!

Our Piwik

We today updated Piwik in the latest release so you can take advantage of the above three new features.

If you navigate in “Widget & Dashboard” you can set some more widgets to view like how many people are using Linux or Windows. For the story, our Linux users double the size of Windows, but I guess that everyone runs a Linux in here.

By the way the most popular search query of the last days is by far “Gnomebuntu” (Ubuntu Gnome Remix), and that shows the demand for the new distro that made its debut just two days ago. Thank you guys for making this a reality!

You will find our Open Analytics at page. 

a distro view maybe?

Unfortunately Piwik doesn’t give a lot of details about what each Linux client runs (ie what distro). At some point I will check how I can add this functionality, but if someone here uses Piwik API, it would be nice to help us :)

For fun I’am including our Google Analytics -of the last 3 months- about what Mobile Device Gnome Users use:

Operating System that you prefer ..yeap! Linux is the most popular OS worldwide :)

Linux Arch. However Google Analytics also doesn’t support Linux Distros analysis.

Despite the fact that Canonical recommends 32-Bit, people don’t seem to take them seriously :) Fedora on the other hand recommends 64-bit.

View our Analyics

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