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PiTiVi is getting smarter!

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Are you using PiTiVi in multiple displays and had problems with saving and restoring the state of undocked tab windows? You will be pleased to know that this problem is now fixed.

Another wonderful “detail” is the polishing of the rendering user experience. When the rendering is complete while the window is not focused, a notification combined with a sound will inform you that your CPU is again ready for abuse.

…and when you focus to the rendering window again, you will discover that you are now able to launch the playback of the resulting file straight from the progress dialog.


Other changes include:

  • Activating (pressing the Enter key) the filename entry in the render dialog starts the render (for those who don’t care about rendering settings!)
  • The timeline toolbar is now vertical and sports a slightly improved “Split” icon. It also does away with obsolete buttons. Hopefully, better icons for (un)grouping are on the way.
  • Dogtail UI tests have been fixed.
  • Tests for presets were improved and cruft from old integration tests was removed (about 1400 lines of code), thanks to aleb.
  • The “contributing” page on the website has been reworked a bit to be clearer.
  • The code now passes the 1.3 version of the PEP8 code style compliance checker.
  • The clip previewer now works correctly while in fullscreen mode.
  • I hear it can now be launched on FreeBSD (apparently we’ve got at least one such user :)
  • The previously mentioned filtering in the import dialogs has been improved to use the system mimetypes instead of file extensions.
  • The media library keeps itself sorted alphabetically as you import files (thanks to Alex Băluț), without any additional performance hit. It is possible to confuse the sorting a bit if you mix ascii filenames with japanese lolcat videos, but even a human would have trouble knowing which goes first in that situation.
  • Various improvements have been done on the build script. It tries to avoid building glib, prefers building stable releases instead of checkouts of “master” everywhere, and is generally more resilient to failures. If you still experience issues with it, patches welcome!

Visit PiTiVi homepage and get the latest version now!

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  • Philip Witte

    Nice, never knew about this software before, thanks!

  • Stepo

    Is the new version of PiTiVi rewritten in GTK3 and using dark skin?