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Phoronix Marks the Linux Revolution ;)

Today I had a broken Fedora 18 upgrade, and I lost my mood to do whatever else, but this. Just satirizing a few things, nothing more, nothing bad!

GNOME 3.12 beta released at Feb 17. Most of the modules released (or haven’t released yet) after. I am telling you, GNOME OS isn’t a thing. GNOME OS is an idea :)

My first system was Unix. My second system was Linux. My third system was Warcraft. True!

Windows guys are quite funny. First they torrent a malicious copy of Windows, then they pay for an anti-virus ..and then they trying to make jokes on Linux..

GNOME developers that you don’t have an iOS or Mac, please stand up!

Oh common, stop saying that GNOME has not enough man-power. We are talking about the only project that has 3 sound players and 3-4 image viewers under active development ;)

Red Hat and Canonical are in competition.. for the second place! Everything changes after all in free source world. Go Debian Go Steam!

In a video conference Mark announced BQ Readers & Meizu as the first Ubuntu Mobile manufactures, and he explained the reasons why Canonical choose them.

In the other half of the story, Samsung CEO was begging Mark to let them use Ubuntu at their flagships ..but “No” ;)

Ubuntu on Mobiles? That could be the best Linux news! But the real big news of the year is that Phoronix changed their web-site template!


That’s the Linux revolution, that’s the Linux year :)

Now that Ubuntu announced that they are going to use Systemd, everyone else is going to revert to Upstart! Because devs have humor, have fantasy, have a life …@ life dot com :)

Seriously, Memes creators, just go in developers mailing list and copy them! Jim Carrey wasn’t funny enough to become a developer!

Gnomers don’t tolerate “attitudes” in their mailing lists. Aren’t the same guys as in Fedora lists, or names are just synonyms? :/

I am so mad. Today I tried upgrade F18 and.. there are two kinds of unknown people. Biggest Lotto winners and people that managed to upgrade Fedora :s

The top winner of all times in Jeopardy, Ken Jennings (74 wins in the row) was a programmer. Coincidence?

An advice. Never get bothered if you get a negative comment, never get bothered if someone ignores you. Never blame. Never return what you don’t like back!

Respect other people dreams!


Respect our dreams :)

Stop promoting Free Software! Free Software is what oxygen is for man. Free Software is what interest is for the money. Stop promoting the obvious!

For the end, we welcome Mark to the free beard-club. 3-4 more inches and maybe Ubuntu will drop their CLA ;)

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