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Opening the GNOME 3.12 cycle!

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The most exciting thing in GNOME 3.10 is that’s the last version till the highly anticipated GNOME 3.12. GNOME 3.12 (and not GNOME 4) will bring -among others- Wayland by default (or at least full working), a feature-completed Software App and Systemd (?) will manage User Sessions.

From Matthias Clasen via Desktop Devel.


with 3.10 getting wrapped up today, it is time to look ahead at the next cycle and start making plans for what we want to achieve. We’ve set up the usual page on the wiki to collect the plans:

And there is already some material there that has been carried over from previous releases:

– Integrate Facebook photos in GNOME Photos

– Git integration in the developer experience

– GNOME Software

– Systemd for the user session

– Colour Tinting in GNOME Shell

– Videos application implementation

– Complete the GNOME Wayland port

– Integrate Zimbra in GNOME

It would be good if the owners of these features could re-evaluate them and decide if they should really be on the list of things we want to achieve for 3.12. If not, then just remove the page.

But maybe there are other things that people are working on, or want to work on for 3.12 ? Now is the time to make your ideas known, and turn them into concrete plans.


Even if GNOME will get a more tight connection with Systemd, it won’t be a dependency, at least for the next release.

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  • Bruno Queiros

    Will Gnome 3.10 have some support for Wayland?

    • alex285

      Sure, you can run GNOME Shell in wayland in Fedora 20.

      • Viorel-Cătălin Răpițeanu

        I think you’ll be able to do that in Arch before Fedora 20. If you really want to try GNOME Shell in Wayland, download the nightly image of Fedora 20, install it and try it. It’s quite something…

      • Roi M

        can you start from gdm or do you need a custom launch script ?

        • Michael Catanzaro

          Unfortunately gdm will not support wayland until 3.12.

      • Asif Ali Rizwaan

        Alex gdm login to wayland is giving “oops something went wrong,” is there any other way to launch wayland + gnome shell in fedora 20. I remember you said it’s possible but didn’t share the command. Please give the command.

        • Roi M

          try this from tty mutter-launch — gnome-shell-wayland –wayland , i tried but it doesnt work with AMD cards yet (6870 here)

          • Asif Ali Rizwaan

            It doesn’t work on nouveau (9800GT GPU) either.

            mutter-launch — gnome-shell-wayland –wayland ; #and

            mutter-launch — mutter-wayland –wayland

            both complains “mutter ERROR: Spurious exit of X Wayland server.X0.lock” (or X1.lock when X is running)

            btw using “NODEBUG” kernel in fedora 20, makes it high performance distro, else the default kernels make the fedora 20 or rawhide sluggish and pain to use.


  • Michael Mistretta

    Gnome 3.12: The Search for Title Bars.

    • Michael Mistretta

      Seriously folks, have you see how shitty these new GTK decorations are? Can’t even properly drag a window, ever have your window compositor croak mid-session and lose your title bars and become frustrated? The wonderful people at Gnome just turned that into a feature!

      When will the Gnome desktop be finished? When all users are chased off? We have to be getting close.

      To the Gnome Devs: You are making your desktop unusable. Stop.

      • Michael Catanzaro

        Header bars are draggable. They won’t disappear unless the rest of the application does as well. They’re needed to save vertical space and bring back Close buttons for maximized applications.

        • Michael Mistretta

          It conflicts to the breadcrumbs on Nautilus big time and looks incredibly stupid too.

          I already fixed the no close button on maximized windows with an extension, I guess I will await the extension that undoes the stupid ideas from this version too.

          I stay at Gnome Shell 3.6 because I got tired of bandaiding bad design with extensions. Next step will be back to XFCE I guess.

          • Michael Catanzaro

            The breadcrumb is truncated on the left side to ensure there’s always draggable space.

          • Michael Mistretta

            It gets in the way, it doesn’t look good. I am sure you disagree but I fear most users will hate it. I guess Nautilus already had 100 good reasons to fork it, why not add another I suppose.

          • Teucs

            But aren’t the close buttons in maximized windows there by default in GNOME 3.10? The problem you are describing was with pre-3.10 versions.

            In my experience these new decorations are as usable as before. I haven’t seen any problems with them yet, except that some apps can’t snap to the left and right of the screen, at least on my laptop with 1280×800 resolution; Web for example. Hmm, going to see if there is a bug report for that.

      • Ladislav Ezr

        Nah, this is one of the first features that makes sense and are welcome…

  • Dread Knight

    So I guess that unified system tray thingy didn’t make it…

    • alex285

      If I understand correctly, that is already available in 3.10 ;)

      • Dread Knight

        Hmm, I’m rather curious about it, still waiting for my PPA to provide me with 3.10 ^^

        • Fran Dieguez

          In order to get GNOME 3.10 you have to install another two PPAs in Ubuntu Saucy:


          Hope this helps.

  • Bruno

    Why Systemd???? I can’t run Gnome Shell on FreeBSD kernel because of it :'(

  • DavidM

    I like to see how developers pursue completely new goals and forget about older priorities and unfinished stuff. Enqueuing of notifications? Check. UI to manage groups of launchers in the overview? Check.