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Oops.. We were wrong :( – 16/07/12

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The cause for starting this was the “Hey, We got a brand new System Settings?!?” post which was fault. Jacub Steiner let us a kinda angry comment, but who can blame him? I screwed up on this. I contact him and he explained me:

“You’re watching a repository where we invegistigare possible directions, trying to find a useful UI pattern for a specific functionality. None of this is a even proposal yet. Posting a random one as a news item is hurting the GNOME project as you’re making it sound like it’s a goal and each going a different direction. It’s not. The two mockups you posted were a setup to mock up transition animation for a modal. Nothing else.

Till I correct it, the post had over 1500 views and some blogs also re-print us. So I felt that I had to make a new post.

Also on post “Gnome’s Hell and Lamborghinis | Part One” David Edmundson a KDE developer told us that we FUD against KDE. That wasn’t actually a mistake but a personal opinion on KDE project that I said is lacking prospect and support. Ok, I might be over reacted but that doesn’t mean I hate KDE or anything. I just wrote what is happening maybe in an unpolished way. Well, apologies on this.

We are happy that we have lot of people and apparently lot of developers and if we are mistaken somewhere please let us a comment and we’re going to fix things into a new post.

Thank you!

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  • LorgnocOspYe

    Your enthusiasm for news about GNOME is commendable. But without due restraint, it can easily backfire.

    That said, news media get things wrong from time to time. It happens.
    But in the case of this young and evolving site, it may ask for some
    “tuning” of the quality over quantity ratio. A couple of suggestions:

    1) Cut on the trivial posts, merge a number of trivial news into one single post.

    Sometimes, visiting woGue feels like checking an email imbox without a spam filter. There are too many
    trivial blog posts and as a result the noteworthy ones are buried into
    the archives and are easy to miss.

    2) Avoid excessive speculation, get familiar with the subject, ask around before publishing.

    Clear your doubts about a subject before publishing the news. If you leave your doubts to the readers, you are not really informing them. Readers expect you to do the homework for them. :) I know the “investigation” it takes time and effort away from actually writing articles, but you will better serve and satisfy your readers with one elucidating article than with 2 uncertain (and possibly misleading) posts.

    I hope you find those suggestions helpful. Keep up with your project!

    • alex285

      Thank you for your advises and you also gave me an idea with spam filter. I ll make one :)
      Is a bit hard to be familiar with every Gnome tech if you aren’t a Gnome dev.  It goes too fast

      • LorgnocOspYe

        If that is so, ask a GNOME dev. ;)

        Hangout on channels. There will be someone willing to answer your questions.[1] That way, your articles will feature better (and even hotter) information.

        In any case, with “get familiar” I did not mean “be an expert”. I meant simply “don’t be too clueless” about something you will post about.

        [1] Someone would need to to take his/her time to correct wrong information anyway.

        • Bill_Toulas

          If you are reading this site for some time as you say, you must know that this happened for the first time. We are checking our information from various sources, and we do ask for a word or two from the developers, but some times, news are overwhelming and shit happens. 
          Also, consider that we are not official part of GNOME, and no GNOME developers are obligated to answer to us everyday. We must deliver news before they get old right? We try our best on that, and we never ever had the intention on misleading or lying to our readers.

          • LorgnocOspYe

            [No need to be defensive, I am not demanding anything. I am just giving some suggestions. :) ]

            Actually, it is not the first time. But it will also not be the last. As I said previously, it is unavoidable for media to publish incorrect info sometimes.

            But my point is not about particular mistakes; and it is absolutely not about questioning your intentions.

            It is about the global balance of quantity VS quality. As a reader, I feel it is hard to keep up with all the news, and more so to “filter” the interesting ones. It feels like woGue is overflowing with articles; that is proof of your enthusiasm, which is a good thing; however, it would seem average quality is lower than it could be if there was more focus behind less articles. Yes, I know it is easier said than done, but it is worth a try.

            For example, instead of writing in an article “We don’t know if […]”, look for an answer, get that information for your readers in first hand. If you can’t find your answer in time, ok, go ahead before the news gets old. But, in any case, try not to “guess” the answer. It is not worth the risk of error and doesn’t really add anything.

  • Gnomies

    You guys are damaging Gnome with your tabloid like reporting.  Mock-ups are all you have. This site is nothing more than a joke. Shut it down.

    • Alexandros Mittos

      Every blog has a guy like this ^. A misserable dude who anonymously offends the authors or creators of the site. Fortunatelly, no one gives a fug. :) 

      Keep up the good work guys, you are the best GNOME blog out there. Mistakes happen.