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Oops!… I crashed it again ;)

This post was made with an older stylesheet

I guess it was made as a replacement for the old and ugly ABRT’s (Automatic Bug Report Tool) UI. There is absolutely no plan (or there is?) to see this in Gnome 360 but we can still enjoy the demonstrations :)

[1] Full screen kernel panic :)

[2] Oops can be placed in Gnome Shell notifications

[3] Of course Oops is an advanced App that can send bug reports in a pretty way!

I wish I had this in Fedora as I collect about 5-6 crashes a day ;)

Gnome Apps Naming

Actually I started this post less for the Oops! and more to talk about the new Gnome naming.

Nautilus became Files, Totem became Videos, Epiphany named to Web and we also have Contacts, Usage, Lockdown etc.. I really like the new naming pattern in Gnome that Apps are nameless and are called according to the job they serve.

You can say “Check your Files” and you actually use an App by that name! What is more comprehensive and “human” friendly than this?

And a small tribute to the original author of  “Oops” -for no reason at all ;)

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  • DoSerenity

    Nicely Designed! :)

  • thubett

    I really hate the application naming scheme which comes from smartphones. I think that applications should have an unique name and identity. For example if somebody is searching for help from google with name like “Files” or “Contacts”, I’m quite sure that nothing useful will be there. However these names will help new users to understand what the application do.

    So I think it’s good if for example “Epiphany” is called “Web”, “Web browser” or “Browse web” in menu, why are they naming the application “Web”? And we already have elemetary os application named “Files”. So what are we going to call them? GNOME Files, Elementery Files? Files (GNOME), Files (Elementery)?

    • Philip Witte

      Simple names make sense, it’s informs you of Function rather than product. A simple solution to what you’re talking about would be for each App to have a “Online Help” option in a right-click drop down, or something along those lines.

  • Ectogon

    Is there a reason you keep dropping the dots from the version numbers? It’s really strange!

    • thubett

      Asked the same thing, see comments:

      Answer from Alexis Diavatis:
      “You are definitely right about the wrong versioning I use, but 3.5.3 has many dots specially if you have to end with a dot. Also I hope to change this old dotting counting.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Kudos for Britney video!!! =) lol

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