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OLX Free Classifieds (Advertorial)

This is an advertorial about OLX free classifieds and has nothing to do with Gnome or free software. Regard this as an advertisement that your blocker can’t block. This is the second time we do this here on woGue and unfortunately chances are that we will do it again in the future as long as the financial situation remains the same.
If you feel bad with advertisments appearing as articles on your favorite website I would love to discuss it with you on the comments :)


OLX is an internet company that hosts free ads classifieds for urban communities around the world. Although the company was founded only 7 years ago, it is already very well established in the classifieds sector worldwide, offering a huge scope of products for sale, or job and education opportunity entries.

OLX offers localized domains to better service your search needs according to your country and language like which is focused on the Indian market. Take a look at the following video to see how fast, easy and trouble-free buying or selling on can be!

OLX app

Accessing all that OLX goodies you are looking for can be done using a web browser of course, but this is not the only way anymore! OLX has released an advanced Android application that allows users to search and find whatever they want quickly using filters and location data.

Here is what you can do with the app:

  • Super simple ad posting: take a picture with your phone camera, describe your ad and sell it.
  • Easily search and browse for classifieds around you using your phone’s location.
  • Manage your ads, favorites and messages on the go with “My OLX”
  • Share your ads with everyone through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.



Using the application is really simple. Initially you are offered to enter your location data so that all searches concern products, jobs and education opportunities near your area. Then you are given a modern user interface on which you can choose the category of interest and get your quest started.

3  4

Suppose that we choose the vehicles category. We can then view all available entries by scrolling, filter by choosing condition and other factors, sort by low/high price or date and determine how many results you want to be displayed according to the distance from your area. When you actually find something you want to know more about, you can click the corresponding entry and a more comprehensive screen with contact the seller possibilities will appear.

5   6

Apart from searching and buying, OLX app allows you to also sell products by uploading pictures straight from your phone, adding a description and even replying to other people interested in what you are offering. You can boost the advertising of your listing and inform your friends from the social of what you are selling too!

There really isn’t any faster, simpler and more “on the go” way to buy or sell things in your area without the need of anything else than your smartphone and a wifi, while the fact that this service is offered for free makes it very popular (more chances to find what you need and sell what you don’t need faster) so why don’t you Download OLX App and give it a try yourself?

I tried the application in both a modern Android 4.1 and a more outdated Android 2.3 device and it worked perfectly on both, so I suppose you won’t be having compatibility issues whatever the device you are using. iOS users can also get the app from here, but I didn’t have the chance to test the app on this platform personally.

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  • Anonymous

    “Regard this as an advertisement that your blocker can’t block.”

    Oh yea? You know how I can block this kind of advertisement? Removed WoG from my RSS reader and no longer getting your articles. The thing is, I *had* you on my adblock whitelist.

    • Bill_Toulas

      Well, thanks for your support but unfortunately your whitelisting doesn’t cover our monthly server cost. The ads we are having cover 20-30% of our monthly server cost to be precise so something needs to be done.
      I am very sorry to hear that you removed woGue from your RSS reader, but I must say that woGue is in danger of being removed from all RSS readers and the internet alltogether from being discontinued :(

  • ApostolisA

    guys, this is really bad. i love the work you re doing but not only is this an advertorial, it s irrelevant to us as well!

    what is really annoying is that this is a libre software blog where people are supposed to do this not having money as their primary goal.

    i m not saying you should not get money out of this. anything else, google ads or subscription
    (coupled with improved quality of course ) would be better than this :-)

    • Bill_Toulas

      You are saying it like we make money from woGue :)
      Our analytics are open here
      You can see that our numbers don’t justify any kind of “making money” statement.
      As for what you are proposing we’ve tried google ads but the vast majority of people don’t even see them cause of blockers and the subscription would make the website and its content unequally accessible and thus helpful for different groups of people (etc subscribers, non-subscribers).
      In constrast to that, this is just an artcile. You can either use the info provided by the advertorial, or just completely ignore that and allow us to releave a portion of this month’s server costs and keep woGue up and running.
      It would be wonderful if you could provide a more feasable and more content-coherent, or content-independent solution that wouldn’t compromise your woGue experience. Could you imagine anything? I even talked to Richard Stallman asking for a “free software” solution to this. Maybe I should publish this mini-interview with him after all

      • ApostolisA

        it would be interesting to see it :-) I have to state that my critique, I think, is well-intended. By referencing money I just meant that anything libre doesn’t have to be free..
        perssonally, I hate anything visually noisy, so I d prefer to donate a sum which I know I ll do it to support you than be a passive prey for any advertiser :D
        so an optional subscription or donation that would remove anything “noisy”, for me personally, would be best.

      • JJ

        I, for one, don’t have any issues with adversarial (or anything that helps you cover your costs). I would also suggest (as someone else said) to have an ‘ad-free’ premium version and normal ‘google-ad’ version without any subscription.
        Also you could add a ‘donate us something’ link at the top linking to your paisapay or something

    • IsacDaavid

      What? It confuses me that you are using the word “libre” instead of free as a way to remark free software is a matter of freedom while being unrelated to price, and yet you think people are supposed not to earn money from it.

  • Alex

    the feed doesn’t work!

  • Jerome

    Perhaps you could consider a model similar to the one adopted by Ars Technica. They do an ad free page with some premium content for subscribers. Everyone else gets google (I think) ads. I, for one, would be happy to subscribe if it helps you keep the lights on.

    • Bill_Toulas

      We’ve tried Google ads, but we couldn’t manage to cover more than 20-30% of our monthly costs with that alone. We need to find a solution to this and we still can’t after a year and a half since we began this experiment with Alex.
      We just can’t find a way to cover our costs, AND not bother you with anything

  • HARI

    Hi guys
    Best of luck with the ads idea
    I welcome any adds marked as adds :)
    the only reason i block some Google ads were the tracking
    Since you are not doing the tracking, its a good to have ads that supports you

    Ps: If the adds are a little more contextual both the readers and you will be better served. I don’t know how may clocks you can get for olx from here

    • Bill_Toulas

      The clicks on this advertorial don’t matter at all. The payment is fixed on such cases

  • john

    I wonder why you can’t host for example on digital ocean for 5$ in a month. Is 5$ a realy problem to keep this site running?

    • Bill_Toulas

      It is way more than 5$ to host a site that contains many and large pictures in almost every article and the visitor number plays big role too. We don’t have millions of visitors, but we do have quite a few thousand daily making things clunky if the hosting is not done in a proper machine. This costs, but woGue wouldn’t be what it is if we had that kind of issues.
      We didn’t want to do it the Phoronix way, having no screens, or pics in articles. We want and do the opposite.

  • David

    Have you looked into some sort of deal with the Gnome foundation? Or maybe the Fedora project?

  • Andi

    I fully support this kind of ads, as I like to be informed about new products or products i don’t know. And as long as it is marked as an ad, i’m fine with it. It’s just that this latest ad is pretty much irrelevant for my needs and probably the needs of most people here. You should try to get ad articles for new Red Hat, Google(probably impossible), HP, HTC, SugarCRM or various Telco products, etc. (my fantasy is very limited, that’s why I like ads ;-)) I know this is hard and probably not possible, but it would make much more sense. Linux Action Show is good example for a similiar model, just in a podcast.

    By the way: I follow Wogue for about a year now and I love it. And: Please write more articles… (I know know. the time)

  • Michael Heyns

    Dear Wogue Team, I notice the forums have been flooded with spam and some threads have been hijacked and redirect to pharmaceuticals. If you need a volunteer to moderate and clean up the forums, I’d be glad to offer my time. If you are interested you can reply here or drop me a message on Google+.
    As for the advertorial, best of luck. A donation button in the nav header would also be welcomed.

    • Bill_Toulas

      Hello Michael and thanks for offering your support in a very important area that are the forums, and that we unfortunately have no time to manage