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OCRFeeder 0.7.10 released!

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What is new in 0.7.10

  • Improvements on the way that the document generators (the classes that generate the desired exportation formats) are used inside OCRFeeder.
  • Users can now generate documents with any of the existing exportation format from the command line.
  • Fixed the “line wrap” issue in the PDF exportation.
  • Implementation of actions for selecting and moving the pages using the menu or shortcuts.

Joaquim writes on his blog about the future planning situation:

I want to fix some issues in OCRFeeder’s architecture, especially in what comes to the UI part. This should probably be done together with a port the amazing GObject’s Introspection.
Jan Losinski, from TU Dresden, was kind enough to send me some patches that make the OCRFeeder’s recognition parallel. This feature needs to be polished but it will likely land in the next version of OCRFeeder.
Last but not least, I need to check how to make it easy to integrate the user’s language in the OCR recognition. I exchanged some emails with the people from AltLinux distro who seem to have already implemented this in their repositories but I need time to try and review their patches.

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  • Joaquim Rocha

    Hi folks,

    The video above is old and does not reflect all of the features that OCRFeeder now has. I will try to have a new and more complete video soon.


    • billtoulas

      Thanks Joaquim :)