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nVidia with R310 showcases the enormous potential of Linux!

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The full nVidia announcement:

NVIDIA today announced the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® drivers — R310 — double the performance(under circumstances) and dramatically reduce game loading times for those gaming on the Linux operating system.

The result of almost a year of development by NVIDIA, Valve and other game developers, the new GeForce R310 drivers are designed to give GeForce customers the best possible Linux-based PC gaming experience — and showcase the enormous potential of the world’s biggest open-source operating system.

Available for download at, the new R310 drivers were also thoroughly tested with Steam for Linux, the extension of Valve’s phenomenally popular Steam gaming platform that officially opened to gamers starting today.

“With this release, NVIDIA has managed to increase the overall gaming performance under Linux,” said Doug Lombardi, vice president of marketing at Valve. “NVIDIA took an unquestioned leadership position developing R310 drivers with us and other studios to provide an absolutely unequalled solution for Linux gamers.”

The R310 drivers support the newest GeForce GTX 600 series GPUs, which have redefined gaming for desktop and notebook PCs by combining revolutionary performance and gaming technology features with an incredibly power-efficient design. Gamers with previous generation GeForce GPUs, including the 8800 GT and above, are encouraged to download these new drivers as well.

For an up-to-date third-party listing of games and applications that are currently in development for Linux, visit the Marlamin site.

For more information on how GeForce GTX GPUs are dramatically changing the way games are played and experienced on Linux, visit For more NVIDIA news, company and product information, videos, images and other information, visit the NVIDIA newsroom. The NVIDIA Flickr page hosts the entire lineup of GeForce product photos.

It is of great importance -for marketing- when companies like nVidia advertise the potential of Linux so strongly and this comes as a continue to other incidents that either accuse Windows 8 specifications or support Linux.


Fedora 18
I am wondering if Fedora 18 will ever be released. The original date was Nov 6, 2012 but it has been postponed for Jan 8, 2013 that is almost 2 months delay! Beta is coming (if no more delays) in Nov 27 but if you can’t wait till then and with your own risk you can grub a nightly build.

I reckon you to go with the Night Build and don’t try Alpha, as Anaconda is quite broken there. You might want to check on Fedora & Gnome 3.6 Test Day Wiki, about potential bugs with Gnome. You also need  to check on Fedora 18 Bugs; most of them are fixed in Nightly Composes, but you have to take a closer look into bugzilla. If you are making a casual dual boot installation Fedora 18 will work, but in any case you have to make a backup!

In my Fedora 18 installation with X Server 1.13-7, Linux 3.6.6-3, nVidia drivers work out of box from and I am saying this because previous versions needed some extra work.

If you are new to Fedora you might also need to read this nVidia How To. Keep on mind that all Fedora alpha versions ship a kernel with debugging options enabled that significantly slows down the whole system.

Ubuntu & Ubuntu Gnome 12.10

Things are always better for Ubuntu users and you can just add X-Updates PPA for taking advantage of all new nVidia features. This PPA is considered stable, so you can safely use it.

Note: 310 drivers are currently on beta.

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  • katastrophal

    “Keep on mind that all Fedora alpha versions ship a kernel with debugging options enabled”

    afaik debuggin is only enabled in rawhide, not in F18 anymore. If you look at the changelogs you find that they disabled debugging options with linux 3.6.0 and haven’t enabled it since. They also have a new shiney side-repo for non-debugging kernels for rawhide. You can find details here:

    • alex285

      Fedora 18 Alpha has a debug kernel. Koji’s nightly builds have non-debug kernels. Maybe that helps?

      • katastrophal

        $ grep DEBUG_SPINLOCK /boot/config-3.6.6-3.fc18.i686
        # CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK is not set
        $ grep DEBUG_SPINLOCK /boot/config-3.6.5-2.fc18.i686
        # CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK is not set

        these are the latest kernel in F18 updates-testing. You should read that link yourself and check with with the changelogs. ;-)

        • alex285

          Hello, you might misunderstood me.
          I said Fedora 18 has a non-debug kernel from Nightly Build. Fedora 18 Alpha has a debug Kernel. Fedora Rawhide (that is Fedora 19) has a debug Kernel, because I checked previously. I think you meant Fedora 18 was Rawhide, when I was talking about Fedora 19.

          • katastrophal

            ah, we were talking about different things. Rawhide has of course debug enabled as it is a RC kernel (there are versions without debug on koji though, as well as the mentioned side repo). :-)

            hope I didn’t soud rude on that one…

          • alex285

            np, just a misunderstanding!

    • alex285

      I just checked a rawhide I have in virtual box. Current in Rawhide, Linux 3.7-rc3 is a debug kernel build.

  • Michael Wendland

    I have a really bad behaviour of gnome shell 3.6 with kmod-nvidia under f18 (no matter which version of the driver). Video playback or 3D games run smooth but gnome animations stutter. Even nouveau performs much better with gnome shell than the proprietary driver.

    • alex285

      did you try again with latest kernel and xorg? I also have selinux disable.

      • Michael Wendland

        i have installed kernel 3.6.6-3.fc18.x86_64 and xorg 1.13.0

    • TehJack

      I had similar issue. NVIDIA’s driver uses PowerMizer to slow down clocks. If something triggers gnome shell animation (super key, hot corner) it is sluggish for a second or two, the driver switches to higher performance level and everything is smooth then. Open up your ‘NVIDIA X Server Settings’ window on PowerMizer page and watch how the performance levels change while you invoke animations. Nouveau seems to run at higher clock by default and that’s why it seems smoother. But then it probably burns more power.

      • Michael Wendland

        I tested your suggestion and couldn’t perceive any improvement. I used the kmod-nvidia long before F18 and the problem appeared first and only with f18. it occurs not only for the first seconds of an animation. But thx for your reply

  • helldark

    I don’t understand… R310 = 304.64 drivers ?

    • hellzou

      I answer to myself : R310 are beta so you can’t install them via the X-updates repository. Use the nvidia .run from the nvidia website !

      • alex285

        Yes they releasing in 15th of October. That was my bad, I didn’t notice!

      • alex285

        Yeap you have right, thanks, I was confused also on that, my bad!

        • hellsdark

          By the way, using the 3 10 drivers right now, they are really great !

          • alex285

            In Fedora?

          • hellzou

            Nop, Ubuntu. Just installed them with “sudo sh ./NVIDIA……….run”.

      • Tim

        Ubuntu are now packaging the beta drivers in the main archive (nvidia-experimental-310 package). So you only really need to use the ppa if you want to get faster updates when new drivers are released.

  • lite