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Numix GTK3 theme!

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The theme generally uses dark colors for the window title and the menus, combined with an orange contrast for selections etc. There are no roundings and such polishing as they would be against the design philosophy of this theme.


The icons are from the Numix icon set which is not yet available…

Numix also includes a GTK 2.0 theme using Murrine engine, that will provide the essential optical consistency when using applications that are yet to make the leap to GTK3.

Satya is proving once again that he is a talented creator with this minimalistic, brilliant looking theme. You should give it a try and see how it feels on your eyes.

  Numix GTK Theme    How to theme GNOME 3

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  • Mike Yontz

    I’m hoping someone talented like Satyayit will soon be releasing Gnome Shell 3.8 themes. Only downside to upgrading to 3.8 too early in Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 has been shell themes and extensions. The performance and additions to 3.8 have made it worth the wait though. :D

  • Roland Taylor

    I love this theme :)

    It doesn’t work with Unity perfectly yet, but it’s awesome.

    • Satyajit Sahoo

      Can you tell me what are the problems with unity?

      • Roland Taylor

        Mostly menu colour issues. I’ll post a detailed bug report when I get the time (and remember ;)

  • daq

    Great GTK3 theme, but Metacity theme doesn’t work for me. Gnome 3.6.2, OpenSuse 12.3.

    • Satyajit Sahoo

      Install it in /usr/share/themes

      • daq

        It worked, thanks!

  • Peter

    This is such an awesome theme! Thank you Satyayit for the great work!

    • Satyajit Sahoo

      You are welcome…

      • Peter

        I apologize for misspelling your name, Satyajit. I mentioned that Numix will be available in Xubuntu – could you please share more informations? Which version? Also the icon set?

        • Peter

          “I mentioned” -> “you mentioned”

        • Satyajit Sahoo

          It was planed to be. But it couldn’t happen :(

          The icon set hasn’t been released yet.

  • Satyajit Sahoo

    BTW my name is Satyajit. You can just call me Satya though :D

  • Márk Kelemen

    Very nice!Thank you!I using in ubuntu 13.04 with unity.

  • Anonymous

    Good work. I wish for versions with different colours though.