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Nova Mono Fonts | GNOME Terminal With Style!

Most monospace fonts are pretty much the same. Droid, Ubuntu, Inconsolata, Monospace etc haven’t significant differences between them, while some extreme monospace fonts are hard to read. Of course is a matter of personal preferences, but I would like to had something ..different.

Today I discovered Nova Mono, and these fonts are totally awesome! They aren’t typical monospace, but they are equally clear. I dare to say, they are more clear than the previously mentioned!


Don’t miss to try them out!

The fonts were made from Wojciech Kalinowski around 15 years ago, but only recently (2010) were transferred to computers, under SIL Open Font License, 1.1


1. Download them from Google Fonts

2. Extract them under


3. Pick them through GNOME Terminal Profile Preferences.

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  • sh4nks

    How do you get these colors? The colors I have are looking completely different.

    • alex285

      They are the defaults on Fedora
      *I suppose you mean the files colors (pink/blue/green)

  • Heimen Stoffels

    And I thought Envy Code R was beautiful (which is why I had set that font), but this is even more beautiful! My new favorite font, thank you! :)

  • hictio

    They look nice indeed.
    I specially like the slashed zeros.