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Notify Me by Allan Day

As far as I can remember from Shell 3.0 to Shell 3.12, everything has significantly changed. Even the “All Copyrights Reserved” Activities top-left button gained a pressure sensitivity feature (3.8) and the point I want to make, is that Shell is in a non-stop & don’t look back evolvement, specially if you add up and compare the changes yearly, i.e 3.0-3.4, 3.4-3.8, 3.8-3.12.

GNOMers have proved that they don’t afraid to brake the how-Shell-works mnemonics in every new release they make; So except from adding new features (which is normal), they also constantly improve their weak spots and eliminate their misses (or their mistakes if you prefer), by revisiting and changing key features.

While this makes GNOME to look as a “beta”, this practice has actually brought positive results. Shell has been greatly improved and my impression is that many people that didn’t find the first Shell releases functional/practical, are now here to welcome the new things they see.

The next big thing scheduled for GNOME 3.14 is definitely the revisited notifications -apart from Wayland of course!

New Notifications designs are still work in progress!

Will this work? Can’t really say till you try it. What’s sure is that this work looks promising, looks refreshing ..and yes it looks a little bit amazing!

For now, take a look into what the main designer of this, Allan Day, writes in his blog!


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