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Non Gregorian calendars arrive in Gnome Shell!

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These are mockups and I don’t know if they will be included in Gnome 360.

Arash Mousavi that design the Widget together with William McCann says ” It has to show 2 calendar at same time & their dates. user must be able to select his/her primary & secondary calendar then the main calendar will be primary one & equal days of secondary calendar will be shown next to dates of main calendar.

For now fellows Persians can use the Persian Calendar Extension by omid.

It shows:

1- Persian calendar date.

2- Full calendar with support of navigation.

3- It can show, today is holiday or not!

4- Show notification onDayChanged!

5- Events:

5-1- Official solar events.

5-2- Official lunar events.

5-3- Official international events.

5-4- Traditional Persian events.

5-5- Persian personages.

Get Persian Calendar


Update 27/06:  These designs have been rejected from Gnome Team,  but work for a non-Gregorian calendars continues.

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  • Alaa Hossam

    nice addition to gnome shell,but it would be even better if they added the holidays system (Like the KDE calender).

    • alex285

      I guess they will, because they use KDE’s calendar as relevant art (paradigm). 

  • Sasan

    Is there any real code has landed for it or these are just mockups at the time?

    • alex285

      In many modules we present the code exists, they just don’t push it in repositories because is not ready yet and new features are postponed for the next releases. In this I am not sure if the merge it into 3.6.  We will know in 3.5.5 (Aug, 8) or in Gnome beta 3.5.90 (Aug,20).  Normally they do lot of hacking in Gnome Shell in the last 20 days. 

  • Shiretoko

    You mean Arabs, Israelis and iranians.

    • alex285

      hmm? does the order matter?

      • Shiretoko

         Yes, the Persian developer is still sad about the fact that the Persian Empire perished 1400 years ago (with its calendars) and wants it to be placed first in the order, even though it’s almost unheard of today. He placed Hijri ( which is really popular and used calendar ) last. It’s amazing some Persian Iranians still claim to be Muslims while caring more for their fireworshipping past.

        • Arash M

           When I designed these, I didn’t thought about any of those garbages you said, and I really don’t think of myself as a Muslim. I just wanted to push gnome to make these changes.
          Anyhow, Jalali/sun calendar scientifically is better than Hijri.

          • Shiretoko

            It’s not about which is better, it’s about which is more used. Hijri is used by more used than Jalali calendar by trillion fold. Neither popularity nor alphabet could have gotten Persian up there (you talk about science). So, one would think the only reason you put it up there is because you are a Persian.

            Reminds of the Jews who rule the US even though they are less than 5% of the population.

        • Sasan

          Your comment is one of the reasons why westerns still call us “third world people” . facepalm

          • Shiretoko

            The “westerners” will call you the third world, yet they will continue to use you either way. The so called first world could not have existed without the third world. Yet, people like you believe this separation. That’s why you are the third world.

          • Sasan

            Dude you are whining about why a calender name comes first in a list is because it’s developer is sad that Persian Empire has perished 1400 years ago! it’s just stupid.
            And please put Iranians away from your Jihad and terrorist attack bullshit, yes we are not Muslims! ;)

  • Mike Manilone

    I need Chinese lunar calendar…

  • Arash M

    These designs are rejected from Gnome Design team and codes needs some polishes. I have to ping Behrooz Shabani (code contributor).

    • alex285

      Would be nice if you could update the Gnome Live accordingly. It is hard to ask devs for every little detail :( 

  • Guest

    This shows horrabil! Do this stuff in the options pls. I mean how often do you change the calendartype? (And it looks ugly)