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Nocera adds JustinTV support in Totem!

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I haven’t tested it yet and I ll try it when Totem 360 beta is out, but is nice that Gnome gains support on videos online services. Hope to seen Netflix support here also.

Other plugins of Totem include:

Totem StatusIcon Plugin
This plugin adds a status icon to Totem, which you can use to hide/unhide Totem’s window, toggle play/pause, go to the next or previous item in the playlist, or go to fullscreen mode.

Totem Plugin
This plugin scrobbles the movies you watch and music you listen to.

Totem PPStream Plugin
This plugin adds a ppstream browser to Totem, which let you browse and play videos on

Totem Sopcast Plugin
This plugin adds a sopcast browser to Totem, which let you browse and play sopcast channels.

Totem Arte provider Plugin
This plugin allows you to browse the freely available video streams from Arte.

Sleepy Totem Plugin
Plugin for Totem movie player that can shutdown or hibernate the computer when the playlist finishes

Totem Music Library Plugin
A music library plugin for Totem that uses Tracker as it’s database.

Lyrics Extension
Small Extension for downloading lyrics in totem player

Totem Web Interface
Provides a web interface for remotely controlling Totem

Totem Control from Emacs
Control Totem from Emacs

Play videos which have been tweeted in totem

How to use plugins:

Totem supports plugins written in C (and any variation of it), Python and Vala. To install new plugins, unpack your plugins in ~/.local/share/totem/plugins/

Get JustinTV from Gitorious

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