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Nitrux icons release version 3.1

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Nitrux icon set is a freely available part of the Mexican-based Nitrux OS project that aims to create software around the Linux kernel. This sounds a bit vague and the truth is that during the last two years, I’ve seen nothing but some very interesting mock ups and some amazing icon sets.

Nitrux has always been one of my favorite icon sets, distinguished for their modern design, simplicity, happy choice of color palette and icon coverage (plurality). The set comes in two versions, with the main difference being the amount of rotundity, includes action icons for toolbars, contextual menus and top panel with full symbolic icons coverage.



What’s new in 3.1?

Revised Icons:

  • Action icons (Toolbar, contextual menus, etc)
  • Battery panel icons, 3G panel icons


  • Fixed symbolic links (they’re actual links now)

New Icons:

  • Unity web-apps (deviantART, Angry Birds, Amazon Kindle, Google Drive, Linkedin, Google Maps)
  • Distributor logos (Gentoo, Chakra Linux)
  • SETroubleshoot
  • Qmmp
  • QMPlay2
  • SIlicon Empire
  • Spideroak
  • Sparkleshare (app, folder, panel icons)
  • mkvinfo
  • Yakuake
  • Netflix
  • Vokoscreen
  • fcitx
  • FBreader
  • Gnome Maps
  • SuSe Imagewriter
  • HP Printer Management
  • Y PPA Manager (custom icons)

In the Nitrux OS products webpage, you will also find three equally cool icon sets that you may want to give a try – the iNX, Flattr and Compass icon themes. All you need to do in order to install and use these icon sets in your system is to download, unzip the file under /home/.icons (folder should be created manually if not existing) and then choose them from Gnome’s tweak tool. Be careful of the folder structure or your icons won’t work.

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  • mind-architect

    this guy makes very good icon sets. i think he plans to make an own distro …