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Nitrux Icon Theme v2.2B Release!

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It has an unlimited number of Icons (!!), it works well with both Adwaita and Adwaita Dark and the only bad thing I can find on this theme is that some Folder Icons (ie Documents) look like File Icons. I guess if you are used to it, it won’t be problem at all.

I also go with the defaults, because you can set some extra icons, though I didn’t check on them. I probably won’t use this theme, but I should admit that I am impressed by it!

Changes v2.2B

  • Updated Icons: All Folders.
  • Fixes: Fixed icons that were too big in size.
  • New Icons.

Get It

You can get it from or and you will also find plenty more information there.



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  • Philip Witte

    I think I’ll stick with Faience-Azur, but those look very nice. Very well designed.

    • alex285

      Autumn/Winter 2012 fashion is back to seventies therefore default Gnome Icons! At some point, the greatness of Gnome Icons will be recognized :)

  • jsnj

    My main problem with uniformly shaped icons for all apps is that unless they are super-sized, it can be difficult to differentiate them from one another and to tell what apps they represent. So while these icons may be aesthetically pleasing square slabs of color, their main purpose of identifying apps is defeated to a greater degree. Also, for those who like shape uniformity, inevitably there’ll be apps that aren’t accounted for and they stick out like sore thumbs if they aren’t square. My icon pack of choice is Hi-Lights. Elementary is of course another great pack.

    • alex285

      That is quite true, and I thought that I will replace it right after this post, but I still have it :) This theme is beautiful and quite clear. Icons are not similar to each other, and if you used to it a bit it will be even better.

  • IsacDaavid

    …still loving Faenza