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Nitrux 3.0 Icon Set in GNOME 3.8

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Easy to get used to

One of the main advantages of Nitrux Icons was the fact that you could get used to them after a day the most. Sometimes when you are changing icons, feels like you’re change your whole desktop and you might get lost for a while. Well, that doesn’t really apply for Nitrux, but to be honest Nitrux 3 is harder to adopt to, that their previous versions.

There are things I don’t fancy like some Black Icons (ie Nautilus), the unfit icons in gEdit, some missing icons (ie. in Settings) and others,  but overall this icons set rocks! Keep on mind that I am testing them on GNOME 3.8 which is not even out yet, and I doubt if  DevianTN7k1 has made them for it.

Changelog v3.0

  • Featured: New Everything; Folders, Apps and Toolbar icons!.
  • Revised Icons: All App, Folders and Toolbar icons have been revised (over 5,000 icons).
  • Fixes
  • New Icons: Lots of Gnome symbolic icons.


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Screenshots in GNOME 3.8

nitrux5 nitrux4 nitrux3 nitrux2 nitrux1

In one word, Squareholic ;)

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  • Alfredo Hernández

    I’m sorry to say this, but I still find the icons terribly inconsistent from eachother. For instance, you would never say that the GNOME Documents icon and the Files one are made by the same guy, the quality and detail level are hugely different; we could say the same for Chrome/Firefox, and so on. The whole icon theme feels wrong, the metaphors used for the icons are not cohesive (settings related apps should the same style or have a similarity on some way), some icons (as Transmission) are just a terrible try to reinvent the brand image, etcetera.

    Some icons are truly magnific, but the presence of others that are just regular/bad makes the icon theme to fail on being a harmonic piece of your desktop.

    • Michael Mistretta

      I have to agree here though the author of this icon set is obviously very talented still.

      • Alfredo Hernández

        Yes, absolutely!

    • Liam Bulkley

      The icons aren’t terribly regular (other than shape), but they are easily recognizable. That is not something I can say about oh-so-many other icon sets. At the end of the day icon making is about usability not coherency of metaphor or color pallette. Of course that’s not to say that people can’t make icon type things that may have artistic integrity as their foremost component, but said icons may not be so easily recognizable/distinguishable.

  • Michael Heyns

    I have a lot of respect for the author. Definitely one of my favourite pieces of UI work. That being said, I prefer the previous editions of the icon set. The new colours and many icons just feel out of place where the old ones were neutral and consistent. I hope the 2.4 version will be made available for download.

  • yuriy

    and the next move will be to round the icons corners and sell the whole thing to to be Apple Gnome ;-)

  • nomad

    nice one

  • kai

    What about Faenza? Why won’t it become GNOME default?

    • Liam Bulkley

      Because Jakob didn’t make them.