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New Jersey Radios on Nautilus!

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Installing the script is pretty simple. You download it, unzip it and then copy the binaries found on the extracted folder under /home/.local/share/nautilus/scripts. If done correctly, you should see a list of the FM stations when clicking on the scripts menu.

Clicking a radio station will launch mplayer on the background for the playback. You can find and stop the playback from the processes tab on the System Monitor tool, or by the “stop radio” option on Nautilus scripts menu. This is not good at all, but I can live with it. Don’t forget to check that mplayer is installed in your system. Ubuntu users can install it by typing the following command on a terminal:

sudo apt-get install mplayer

Here is the list of the available radio stations you can hear using this script:

  • WAWZ – 99.1 – Star – Zarephath
  • WAYN – 95.1 – Atlantic City
  • WJKS – 101.7 – Canton
  • WJLK – 94.3 – The Point
  • WKXW – NJ 101.5 – Trenton
  • WVPH – 90.3 -The Core – Piscataway
  • WZBZ – 99.3 – The Buzz – Atlantic City

NJ Radios script

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