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New Default Folder Icons for GNOME 3.8?!?

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The lovely Icon Set of GNOME is gone :(




Some different saturation


The confirmation :)

Seriously I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. However Git can’t lie :)


Bug 693610

Jakub Steiner pushed the changes to Master saying:

– compensate for the overall greyness of the theme:

The bug report (one of the many about GNOME Icons) made by Reda Lazri and the discussion is a bit interesting (and small), if you want to read it.

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  • Brian Bentsen

    Much nicer. Now for all the application icons :o)

    • JJ

      I don’t think any DE/OS will change the app icons. They will change only what they own. Thats only in the third party icon themes.

      Fantastic move Gnome; way to go!!

  • Alby


  • Alex Kay

    Yes finally! though I still think a bit more work could have gone into it rather than just changing the color.

  • Stefan Prasse

    love it

  • Enrico

    very nice work

  • Michael Mistretta

    Won’t make me switch from Faience/Faenza but still looks a lot better than default, good job.

    • Rajesh Ksv

      True. Much Much better than default ones but still far from good.

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  • rogg

    is this window boarder the standard gnome 3 boarder? what is the name of the icon theme when i want to use it under unity?

    • alex285

      Everything is default but the fonts, which I think I have Open Sans. You have to download it from Git. There isn’t in Ubuntu 13.04

      • alex285

        Hmm, I can’t see, but I think isn’t open sans, is the default Cantarell fonts

        • Fitoschido

          It’s Cantarell in GS, Open Sans for apps.

          • alex285

            I will come back to you when I boot again to that :)

  • phanindra

    I may switch from Faience Icons to Default ones.. They are nice, I always wondered why they wouldn’t change the default icons set..

  • Edoardo Maria Elidoro

    Nice! Can you point me to the git commit so I can try now those icons?

    • alex285
      • Edoardo Maria Elidoro

        Ok, I’m very, very stupid. I looked at that very page for like five minutes and it didn’t even occurred me that I could scroll. Found the commit, but I’m kind of new to this stuff, is there a simple way to have them or it’s better for me to wait? I thought that it would be some kind of .tar package with the icon theme inside it.

        (Anyway, thanks and keep up with the good work!)

        • alex285

          Give me 5 mins to upload them to my dropbox and I ll give you the link
          Alternatively If you don’t want to clone the repo, you can get them with wget from

          • Edoardo Maria Elidoro

            I owe you a beer or something similar, really. If you can point me a way to download them all with wget and some magic options I’ll do that so you don’t have to upload everything ;)

        • alex285

          You can get them from:

          Replace the files in /usr/share/icons *but keep backups* ..or better copy them into ~/.icons.

          • Edoardo Maria Elidoro

            Thanks, thanks, thanks. And again: thanks.
            You’re great :D

          • alex285

            lol, yes I am great, I did a zip and I put it in my dropbox, amazing me ;)

          • Edoardo Maria Elidoro

            Well, you did it for free and for a person you don’t even know. That’s why you’re great. It’s not always important what we do, but also why we do it.

  • Justinas Žiaunys

    Old folder icon colour for Gnome gtk theme fits more, in my opinion

    • rw

      Yeah, the brown is out of place. I was up for a change, but this didn’t make things better.

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  • Philip Witte

    Finally! Still wish they where blue, but this is a MUCH needed improvement to the overall aesthetics… now if only the panel was slightly transparent…

  • Dave

    Not too sure about these I like the old ones

  • kostaskaz

    Good riddance, doubt someone will miss the 90s look.

  • Adonis K.

    That’s great for gnome, but I will still be using Faience

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  • Arturo


    The first thing I do on a fresh install of Gnome is change the icon theme.

  • Gris

    Much better than old ones. I always thought that GNOME lacks color.

  • Craig

    Loving dat manilla.

  • Gren

    ouch, again Ubuntu brown?
    Grey and Brown don’t go well together, if color have to change, choose another one.