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Nautilus gets Options Buttons directly to the Toolbar

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This is the Default / Icon View, and by the way Recent view is missing from the Sidebar

The List View. It is really handy that we have an always visible button to switch between views.  But I guess they could merge this on a single button as there isn’t a 3rd view.

Options Menu with a fast zoom out option, which in a way can act as compact view.

Window Menu which would be better if it had Extra Pane option, but anyway.

Finally the Application menu. There is anything new here, but in case that we do not run a GS all these options move to the window menu [bellow]

 ..and without a running Gnome Shell things are getting messy.


This is the light/default theme of Nautilus, with the Recent View (that is missing from above figures) and  the Bookmark View. Also this icon view is the with one zoom-out degree, just a handy replacement of compact view which has been drop from Nautilus 3.6.

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  • liam

    Except for the window menu, which I still haven’t heard a good argument for, it looks okay.
    No huge regressions (other than extra pane), but also not really more usable, imho.
    Something I noticed, however, is that this is not a very friendly interface.

    Oh, +1 on merging the list/icon view into one button idea. That would be a geniune usability improvement.

    • Guest

      I think mergeing the list view and icon view button to one isn’t a good idea, because you can’t get the two views at the same time (in one window) that a good idea, but these two views not the opposite of each other, so I think it makes no sens to do this (you only reduce the button number…).

      • liam

        I understand your point about the views not being conceptual opposites (your first point I cant parse) and that is a reasonable objection. Still, I think it makes sense in this case, but I’d like to see it tried out and tested before any final decisions (frankly the gnome team needs to do tons of testing before they commit to any of these). Conceptual consistency matters less to me than usability, but its been said that its better to stick with a bad idea consistently than be simply inconsistent (considered in terms of users expectations).
        BTW, if you want to see a conceptual, and semantic, clusterf@&! checkout the sendto dialog. I was looking at it tonight with my gf and she was baffled by it as I was. I’m not referring to momentary uncertainty, like the minutiae the designers talk about, but serious head-scratching for several minutes. We were actually arguing about what the hell the thought was that said “this is a good, clear design”.

    • liam

      I meant “touch friendly” above.
      I have no opinions as to nautilus’ personality.

  • misterpah pah

    its good to know that gnome developers heard the community.. putting all less-used (read : not used every 30 second) options inside one button cleans the UI and enhance the user experience .

    +1 for gnome developer.. =D

  • Tom Beckmann

    Oh, nautilus requests dark theme now?

    • alex285

      Not really, there is an option in Gnome Tweak Tool 3.5.4+ to force all GTK’s with dark theme. The default is the light one.

      • Guest

        I think many people would prefer to see the new things in the light version (cause its the “vanilla view”), like i’am.
        Please understand this as a little bit constructive criticism (and if it is only one switch inside the Gnome Tweak Tool…).

        The second thing is: Are the icons the new default one (in these ‘bookmarkbar’ on the left side)? I thought this icons only for the new (stylish) high contrast theme.

        • alex285

          You’re right, but we have already reviewed this feature of Tweak Tool, I thought it was a known fact.

          Yes these are the new Symbolic Icons, Bookmarks is placed between Devices and Networks Views. But you have to bookmark something first to be visible.

  • Philip Witte

    idk what everyone was so up in arms about.. I think the new Nautilus looks great. Simplified UI is a good thing, and is a step in the right direction. Not every improvement has to be “new features”.

  • Takie Dela

    And what about compact mode?

    • alex285

      huh? They removed it, about 20 days ago.

      • Takie Dela

        Ok, can i get view similar to screenshot zooming default/icon view?

        • alex285

          You only can zoom out, not as good as compact but this is how it likes

  • foobar

    I love the new nautilus (but haven’t used it yet). Where is the “recently used”-entry? Wasn’t it the first entry in your last nautilus post? Is it just not implemented yet?

    I don’t think anyone is going to miss the compact view. The list view is pretty much the same + a couple of conditional information. I also never saw anyone using split view but I see why it’s useful in some rare cases.

    About “messy without the shell”: I don’t think it’s an issue. Just take a look at the entries and how they are sorted. You normaly start to scan a menu at the top. Pretty much everything frequently used in is placed in the first 50%. Closing only needed in fullscreen-mode IN gnome shell.

    • alex285

      This is compiled in F18 that I’am missing a dependency probably but autogen doesn’t complain about :( I just compiled Nautilus in Ubuntu 12.10, and Recent View is here, I attached a screen on Takie comment (below).

      • foobar


  • Brandon Watkins

    Yay, my hate for nautilus 3.6 is beginning to subside, at least they’ve listened to the criticisms. I can now look forward to gnome 3.6 :)

  • Aaron Honeycutt

    But why use both the Cog menu and the GNOME Shell App menu? I would just like the App menu in GNOME Shell.

  • Anpon

    small suggestion: I think you should only publish screenshot of application using the default gtk/icon/mutter theme (except when reviewing a theme)

    • alex285

      Alright, although this is the “default” Adwaita dark theme.Which I use it coz I like it. But yes your right, so from next time :)