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Nautilus 3.7.1 Release Brings Improved Search!

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Nautilus 3.7.1 Major Changes

  • Turn on again recursive search for the simple engine
  • Enable incremental loading for search directories
  • Add extra information to image properties page
  • Show free space pie chart for the local root filesystem
  • Resolve symbolic links before launching a file
  • Avoid sync I/O when reading bookmark locations
  • Don’t add non-existent XDG folders to the sidebar
  • Don’t offer to remove built-in XDG folder bookmarks
  • Fix black input field when renaming a file in icon view with XIM enabled
  • Fix wrong return location when unmounting a remote mount
  • Fix notebook tabs not properly switching after timeout when hovered
  • Fix search toggle button state inconsistent when switching between tabs
  • Fix crasher when using the Tracker engine from the Shell search provider
  • Fix crasher in Shell search provider
  • Fix crasher when unmounting a volume under certain circumstances

Unfortunately Nautilus Change log don’t show the bugs # and is kinda hard to track everything, but it contains about 50 new commits (all by Cosimo) with regards to Search and Bookmarks improvements and there is also a cleaning in Loading a New Slot  #commit

Recursive search

I can’t remember the reason why they removed recursive search at some point in 3.6 but they brought it back. Simple Search Engine always start and is now recursive.  We also *might* get cached results (#325146) a bug that was filed 7 years ago.

As you see I can now make a recursive search in Nautilus, which is very handy (although I normally use Terminal for search) and I made Nautilus 3.7.1 default in my system. Nautilus 3.7.1 has 3.6 dependencies so you all can compile it easy.

Some people spoke too soon about a bad Nautilus. I bet Nautilus 3.8 will make them to re-think :)

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  • Alfredo Hernández

    Is it possible to somehow enable recursive search on 3.6?

    • alex285

      Nope (as far as I know), you have to build it from sources. Or you can get 3.7.x from a repo. Which isn’t available at the moment.

      • Alfredo Hernández

        Ok. Thanks for the quick response.

  • Chút Kỉ Niệm Buồn

    Many people will re-think if developers re-enable some useful features

    • alex285

      Yes you are absolutely right. But who ever pay attention on Nautilus developing, is easy to understand that 3.6 release was kinda a “beta”. There are so many features that devs hadn’t the time to add and postponed for 3.8. But your point is right :)

  • romu

    Please please please, re-implement the backspace to go back. Thanks.

    • alex285

      You can use Alt+Left/Right (Ok you might know that, just in case you don’t – I didn’t know about Backspace)

      • JJ

        Wow! thats a life saver. There are so many keyboard shortcuts that already work but are unknown to most. It will be awesome if they made a shortcut overlay etc…

    • Denis


  • Marcos V.F.

    I like Gnome Shell. However, the Gnome team seems to struggle to provide a incomplete experience for users.

    The 3.6 version has no tittle bar for applications like Nautilus, Cheese, Boxes and so on. However, many other applications have. Would not it be better to remove all the tittle bar once (like Maximus extension)?

    Furthermore, why launched the Nautilus 3.6 without recursive search? And the worst part: after a few weeks from the 3.6 release, Gnome Team release Version 3.7, with the recursive search again! WHY not release it in 3.6 version? Why Gnome Team remove it in 3.6 version? 8 months to wait for version 3.8 and new distros come with it, just because of Gnome crazy team. We want recursive search in 3.6!

    It is difficult to find consistency in DE today. The only ones who seem to think of consistency and effective design is Elementary Team. I’m rooting for these guys win many users when it launches Luna, simply because I can not stand the nonsense Gnome or instability and slowness of Unity.

    Please Gnome Team, stop mixing alcohol + work!

    • alex285

      Gnome prefers to ship something which is not fully completed (bug in design) rather to ship something buggy (direct bug). After all Gnome is a community project (regardless the sponsoring by Red Hat) and Distros can ship the patches at any time if they want to.

      They never delay a release, I don’t know why. I guess because it will affect the releasing schedules of all the distros that using it.

    • JJ

      They disabled recursive search because they completely revamped the way search is handled and also did a major code cleanup. It was not possible to do the revamp with the recursive search and other features enabled. They do not have time or resources to finish all the work in a cycle.

      • Marcos V.F.

        So it would be better to delay the release, but the launch Nautilus 3.6 with this essential resource. I work with many documents and folders, and recursive search is the fastest way for me to search more than 600 documents that I need to work daily.

        • श्री ऋजु

          use gnome-search-tool, or use tracker indexing by adding the documents folder to tracker-miner.

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