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Nautilus 3.6.1 Release

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Major changes in 3.6.1

  • Fix floating bar not disappearing on search finish
  • Fix fullcolor icons appearing in the pathbar for mount roots
  • Fix drag and drop of multiple rows in list view
  • Fix search relevance not being applied correctly when searching
  • Fix sidebar visibility switch applying to all windows
  • Fix search location when moving to a search directory in Back/Forward history
  • Fix missing search results with non-ASCII characters
  • Fix Home/Trash not showing up in shell provider results
  • Fix startup notification not working when opening multiple windows
  • Fix search results not focusing when activated from the Shell
  • Fix error dialog not showing up when entering a non-existant location in Connect to Server
  • Fix inability to open files after cancelling a rename in list view under some circumstances
  • Fix desktop icons not following the primary monitor workarea when multihead is used with the desktop enabled
  • Fix crasher when search string changes too fast
  • Fix crasher when enabling search while loading a directory
  • Fix crasher when trying to open a saved search file
  • Fix crasher when Tracker is installed but not running
  • Fix crasher in the shell search provider for bookmarks/mounts with an empty name

Nemo 1.0.3 (based on Nautilus 3.4 series) and Nautilus 3.6.1 

Nemo is a fork of Nautilus 3.4 for Linux Mint (Cinnamon), while Ubuntu is using Nautilus 3.4 with the usual patches from Canonical. Ubuntu 12.10 users that want to use the latest Nautilus can -safely- add Gnome3 Team PPA.

Nautilus Gnome Git

Nautilus in Gnome Live

I’m not sure if I have the latest release ..because Nautilus in Gnome Live looks like .. maybe this is the latest release :)

And by the way this is the page that Wikipedia shows about Nautilus.

Learn More [at] Nautilus in Gnome Live! (outdated) && Nautilus Design in Gnome Live!

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  • foobar

    Someone told me most wikis are open for improvements. :P

    • alex285

      It is more probable for Greek to become a global worldwide language, rather for me to write formal English :)

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  • ScionicSpectre

    Oh, how fortunate we are to have Cosimo. Nautilus came a long way in a very short time.

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  • 7svito

    What is the name of your’s icon theme? It has really cute deep-blue color of the folder which looks very at-place.
    I want to put symbolic icons in it like in Gnome icons to integrate it better :)