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My Little Investigations

First of all, our good friend Salih Emin became a father after his wife gave birth to a healthy girl yesterday, so this post is dedicated to his family and all the happy fathers of beautiful little girls that struggle to find a good adventure game for their daughters to play in GNOME :)

My Little Investigations is a cool little game that puts you in the shoes of a Pony named Twilight Sparkle. After some valuable gems were stolen during the night from Rarity, the major informs you of an investigating team that is on its way, but will not be there sooner than a few days. Having seen the same investigating team and its paradox technics and conclusions in the past, Sparkle decides there is no time to loose with pseudo-professionals and takes the initiative to investigate the case of the stolen gems by herself.



Well…not by herself alone really…Pinkie Pie is here to help you with everything game mechanics-related

The game goes by the style of Ace Attorney, a series of visual novels/adventure games where you have to investigation in order to gather evidence and then cross-examine them.

The same must be done in My Little Investigation too. You can walk around by clicking on any point, or run by double clicking and then investigate various places and items by simply clicking at the point of interest. You may then combine evidence to reach to conclusions and talk to other ponies about certain evidence facts. The following screenshots will make things clear.



Although the game is based on the commercial TV Show My Little Pony, it is available free of price and its source is also accessible to everyone under the MIT license.

Equestrian Dreams that is the development team behind the game has done an amazing job in preparing characters that resemble those of the tv show, creating a world full of interesting places to discover and use seven voice actors and actresses to embroider in-game dialogues between characters with clever humor. The music is also something of a higher quality compared with what we usually deal with on similar games available for our platform of choice.

So, to get My Little Investigations installed in your system, you can do two things. Either compile it from source, or download the Windows version and run it from Wine which is the officially recommended way to get the game running on Linux :p

My Little Investigations Website

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