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Mutter-Wayland Merged Into Mutter

Wayland branch is now (yesterday) merged into Mutter master and that also brought some small changes to GNOME Shell, i.e, changes in build, changes on checking when Wayland is the compositor.

The patches (& the merge) came from Jasper St. Pierre who is working to bring a default GNOME (Shell) on Wayland by the next cycle (3.14).

Wayland is supported from Intel / Samsung (Tizen [SDK 3] / Tizen IVI [SDK 3] / Gear 2 [Tizen Wearable SDK 1 ]), Foundation (XWayland on XServer), Red Hat, Sailfish Alliance & Sailfish OS (Digia / Qt5 mostly) and others, while NVidia is going to support Wayland in their video card drivers. And maybe soon we’ll have news from them!

NVidia & Wayland

James Jones from NVIDIA recently let us know they were expecting to use their video driver in Xwayland for backwards-compatibility with legacy applications. A few of us had a private chat afterwards about how we can move along with here. We’re still forming a plan, and I promise I’ll tell you guys about them when they’re more solidified.It’s exciting to hear that NVIDIA is on board!

by, Jasper St Pierre

Notice that Shell 3.14 will be still able to run on the top of X or Wayland.

Q.A: Can GNOME Shell run in Canonical’s Mir? Nope, Shell can’t run in Mir/XMir, and hardly someone will work on this.

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