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Mutter 3.13.1 Release Fedora 21

Couple of days ago there was the GNOME 3.13.1 release:

The most important thing that happened on 3.13.1 cycle was definitely the merge of Mutter-Wayland to Mutter branch, which was a work primary made from Jasper St. Pierre. Apart from this, Mutter also gained several improvements regarding how it “plays” on the top of Wayland.

People that are going to try GNOME On Wayland, will notice smoother resizes and less flicker, but also a proper scaling of clients (that support HiDPI) on HiDPI screens. The Wayland-HiDPI support isn’t part of 3.13.1 release, but it will be included on 3.13.2 (currently on master).

The higher pixel density on HiDPI, was causing clients that weren’t designed for HiDPI, to be ridiculously tiny. You can read more on bug #728902

Mutter/Shell on Fedora 21

Because there isn’t a GNOME OS to actually try the changes, I think the best way is to try them on Rawhide which is the closest thing to GNOME OS. Rawhide has already included the latest Shell (3.13.1) and these are the changes we get after the merge of Wayland to Mutter.

Mutter-Wayland and Gnome-Shell-Wayland packages are gone, and there are only two single Mutter & Shell packages. Moreover, because Fedora 21 includes GNOME three-point-thirteen; it means that in their final release (some-when on the end of the year), Fedora will ship GNOME 3.14.

In Fedora 21 docs, the following two pages need to be updated. I am saying coz I personally got confused by reading those.


To get GNOME on Wayland option on GDM you should install the “gnome-session-wayland-session” package.

$ sudo dnf install gnome-session-wayland-session

That it will basically install the gnome-wayland.desktop file at:


While GNOME on Wayland is included in GNOME Shell upstream, it is a sub-package on Fedora.

Double “opt in”, on Wayland Session

Wayland used to be in the main package. Ray (Strode) moved it out because we didn’t have the new xwayland yet (which ships with xserver 1.16).

So instead of having a broken option in gdm it made “double opt in” (first you install then you can select it).

Adel -drago01- Gadllah

The end point of all these, is that by GNOME 3.14 release, we are going to have a “real” working Wayland display server -even if not default. And the ~1.5-2 years for the full transition from X to Wayland is something quite impressive!

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