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Mutiara Motif Designer 0.11

Mutiara is a motif designer software written in Vala and using the GTK+ 3 toolkit. It serves well when in need of creating a repetitive pattern or element for whatever purpose and export it to png.

These kind of arts have seen wider application in the Islamic culture, but the philosophy is generally spread throughout the world as motifs have a unique nature of fractalian mathematical basis.

The application offers a simple to use graphical interface with the available patterns shown on the top, some basic design tools that allow the configuration of replication and rendering details on the left, and the design space on the center.


There are 85 different patterns to choose from!

Every pattern has its own default generative line that its shape and filling properties are based on. On the center, there is a grid area that is where the motif matrix can be adjusted. This is replicated to the left and right with effects like reversion, mirroring etc.

You can adjust the motif to your needs by drawing straight or curved lines that will then act as the positional basis for laying more layers of the selected pattern and this repeating it accordingly. So here is an example of adding a circle inside a motif:

mutiarastar      mutiarafilledstar

and one example of inserting a line here:

mutiaracurve      mutiarafilledcurve

To get a better understanding of how Mutiara is generating the patterns and how your lines and circles are affecting the design you can go to the View options menu and enable the segmentation lines that appear with orange color in the following screenshot:


When you finally get what you were going for, you will have two options. The first is to save your design in a Mutiara file format which I supposed can only be opened by Mutiara, or export as a png image file with transparent background. Image size may also be configured and set in certain standard resolutions by accessing the Format options menu.

There is no way to define the quality of the exported file or any other kind of advanced editing abilities offered. Also, the application feels a bit laggy when generating patterns and each time you get to draw a new line the engine is recalculating the existing lines again, but hey this is still version 0.11. I hope for more exporting options and smarter use of system resources in the next versions. Since then, this is already one great way to generate motifs under Gnome.

  Mutiara Website

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