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Mountain Gnome Shell theme!

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I tested this theme in Gnome Shell 3.5.91 too, but it doesn’t work quite right. DzaDze who is the creator of Mountain Shell also did a modification of the Adwaita Cupertino to be used with this theme that you can find here.

To learn how you can use the shell and gtk themes, read our guide on how to theme Gnome 3.

Mountain Shell

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  • Philip Witte

    Great theme! My only complaint is I wish the top bar was slightly transparent (like the drop-downs).

    • alex285

      My only complain is that I have GS 3.6 and I can’t use it :(

      • Víc Asecas

        My only complain is that it doesn’t integrate with 3.6 and new gdm/lock screen… I WANNA USE IT IN MY NEW UBUNTU GNOME-SHELL! :(:(:(