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More Than 200 Patches Arrive For Gimp3, Just In A Day!

I checked on Gimp’s GTK3-Port and I saw like 200 patches to have been landed.. inside a few seconds. With this pace, Gimp will make Photoshop history in a week -the most :)

That would be too good to be true, and actually it is just a Git rebase, but most changes are coming towards Gtk3. No matter what, is a good reason to try it out.

First of, Gimp3 is scheduled after 2.10. Right now latest Gimp is 2.8.10, but if you compile it from Git, you will get 2.9, which is the unstable version prior to 2.10.

Gimp3 Requirements

m4_define([babl_required_version], [0.1.11])
m4_define([gegl_required_version], [0.3.0])
m4_define([glib_required_version], [2.36.0])
m4_define([atk_required_version], [2.4.0])
m4_define([gtk_required_version], [3.4.0])
m4_define([gdk_pixbuf_required_version], [2.26.0])
m4_define([cairo_required_version], [1.12.2])
m4_define([cairo_pdf_required_version], [1.12.2])
m4_define([pangocairo_required_version], [1.29.4])
m4_define([fontconfig_required_version], [2.2.0])
m4_define([gtkdoc_required_version], [1.0])
m4_define([webkit_required_version], [1.6.1])
m4_define([alsa_required_version], [1.0.0])
m4_define([rsvg_required_version], [2.36.0])
m4_define([wmf_required_version], [0.2.8])
m4_define([pygtk_required_version], [2.10.4])
m4_define([poppler_required_version], [0.12.4])
m4_define([libcurl_required_version], [7.15.1])
m4_define([libgudev_required_version], [167])
m4_define([gexiv2_required_version], [0.6.1])
m4_define([lcms_required_version], [2.2])
m4_define([libpng_required_version], [1.2.37])
m4_define([liblzma_required_version], [5.0.0])
m4_define([openexr_required_version], [1.6.1])
m4_define([gtk_mac_integration_required_version], [1.0.1])

Gtk is set to version 3.4, so Gimp won’t use the very latest widgets of Gnome 3.8 and 3.10, like the new Lists, Tabs, Header-less Bars, etc. At least not at the moment.


Gimp3 is going to use the black variant of Gtk, which maybe is too dark for such a program. All icons need rework, plus there are lots of “aesthetics” bugs, like the black rulers.


I didn’t do any much, besides there isn’t a point to see how good Gimp3 works. It is far from complete, but whatever I did, it worked. With a crash exception.


I had done a post with the state of Gimp3, some months ago. Gimp3 is definitely better today, but it suffers from the same bug as then. Under certain circumstances, it consumes lot of CPU and it becomes unresponsive.

The good news is that I encountered this bug only when I was switching from-and-to Single-Window Mode.

Gimp doesn’t require much more than Gegl and Babl to build it. Those two libs might be hard to be installed in some systems though :/

If you want to give a try, get it from:

and checkout to “gtk3-port” branch.

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  • David Gómez

    Great work! But please, change those ugly icons.

    • leipuri

      Yeah, using professional looking icons do nice magic for Gimp ;)

    • Niall

      I wouldn’t say ugly. They where quite nice when they first arrived but they are probably ready for an update. I also find that the sliders and other parts of the panels need some care and attention. For example, how when you make a smaller tool panel it cuts off the slider.

  • IsacDaavid

    This reminded me of the lack of a proper dark variant for GTK2 Adwaita, you know, the theme used by legacy GTK2 applications that was started by some kind folk at deviantart who got desperate of having “Clearlooks” windows mixed with Adwaita ones

  • Arnaud René Ober

    Only thing I hope is that this program will stay useful… Not like nautilus or others

    • Svitozar Cherepii

      If nautilus can’t do its job now, you’d better consider Nemo – file browser for nautilus haters.

      GNOME does not compete with KDE, you know.

      • liam

        That’s true, but that doesn’t mean they need to REMOVE genuinely useful features with no intention of replacing them.
        As always, what bugs me the most is their ad hoc design reasoning.

    • Jim

      Nautilus is still useful for most people, myself included. Could it be more useful? Probably, but I’m happy with it as-is.

  • lorenzo woodley

    The dark variebt looks fine to me it follows the dark and out of the way eye saving asthetic adopted by adobe snd other programs…when staring at a program that youd be spending hours in.dark is easieast.on the eyes

    • alex285

      Totally true, I wanted to write about that. But those programs as adobe, max, blender have a very different dark variation.

  • Pynix Wang

    I edited this wiki page and wish gimp can be developed into CSD app.

    • Niko Lowry

      I wish there was a way to force every non-gtk3 app to use CSD and implement a menu like that.

  • Shnatsel

    Black rulers look like more of a theme bug than GIMP problem, but might be both.

    I have to switch to a dark theme globally with GIMP 2.8 to make it a decent environment for working with color. The only problem so far is the damn bright background of brush previews.