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MonkeySpace, Mono 3.0, Tomboy and Banshee!

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MonkeySpace 2012

This year’s MonkeySpace lasted for three days from October 17 to 19 and included many interesting presentations. Developers had the change to meet and work together on various things regarding the portability and the future of their applications.

Banshee now works without the usual crashes on Mountain Lion, while Tomdroid has been seeing bugfixes and translation work. The OS X UX for Tomboy (Macboy) has seen a lot of work, as has the Tomboy library which now is largely feature complete and supports 2-way syncing.

Jared Jennings writes on his personal blog:

Last week I had the privilege of attending MonkeySpace, in Boston, MA. MonkeySpace is focused on Mono, but I had the rare opportunity to meet with one of the developers of Tomdroid. Not only that, but we had several other interested developers that are likely to help with Tomboy and Macboy.
Great progress was made on several issues with Tomboy, Tomdroid and Macboy. Expect to see releases soon from all projects.
Also expect fixes for Tomboy and GNOME-SHELL integration.

Tomboy 1.13.1 release

Today a small bugfix version for Tomboy was released! Here is the changelog:

  • Accept command line args when Tomboy is running (Matteo Nardi, #670928)
  • Preferences dialog should not be modal (#527177)
  • Translation updates: cs, es, sl

Get latest Tomboy

Mono 3.0

Mono 3.0 was release on October 18 bringing major updates in all sectors of the portable and open source implementation of the .NET framework for Unix, Windows, MacOS and other operating systems. Here are the major highlights of this release:

Our C# compiler has now completed its migration from using System.Reflection.Emit as its code generation backend to use the IKVM.Reflection API. This functionality was previewed in Mono 2.10 and is now the default.

  • Evaluation can now Compile Types

The Evaluator.Eval () API is no longer limited to expressions and statements, you can now pass entire namespace, class, interface, struct definitions as a string and have the result get compiled.

  • Instance API

The compiler as a service exposed by the Mono.CSharp library is no longer limited to be a global compiler, now you can instantiate multiple scopes for the compiler, each having its own set of localized types and global variables.

  • New convenience function print, can be used instead of Console.WriteLine

Additionally, the C# interactive shell will by default use a terse syntax that does not require a semicolon at the end of an expression.

  • The 4.5 Profile is a strict superset of the 4.0 API and is now the default profile.
  • New Microsoft Open Source Stacks
  • Garbage Collector

SGen now has a new task management system that allows it to easily scale new GC-related tasks across multiple CPUs if available.

  • Runtime Optimizations

To learn more about the changes, examples that showcase them and the breakages that were caused by this release, read the release notes.

Mono Website

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  • Philip Witte

    Yeah! Our Reign SDK cross-platform game engine, and latest game uses Mono :D

    I attached a screenshot (Arch Linux), also here’s a video:

    • alex285

      Are you zezba9000?

      • Philip Witte

        No that’s my brother, Andrew. He’s the main developer.

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