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Monitor your exercising with SportsTracker!

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SportsTracker is free software published under the GPL version 2. It doesn’t use the GTK toolkit, but it gives the option to get the same GTK optical feeling from the preferences, so it won’t stand out in a bad way on your Gnome Shell environment.

Sport Activities

When launching SportsTracker you have the opportunity to add your usual athletic activities with their subtypes. For example I entered 2 different subtypes for the sport “running”.

After you finish adding your activities you can start putting/registering them on the calendar. This will allow you to enter more specific details of your athletic session like the distance covered, the time period of the activity, the intensity and the average speed.

Apart from this basic info, you can also enter some optional information like the Ascent, Average Heart Rate, the Calories that you consumed and even insert a comment about the session.

This will show you how you did, calculate the total distance of every week and allow you to study the corresponding graphs that can be generated based on the data you have entered.

Heart Rate Monitors

If you are using a heart rate monitor watch, you will be pleased to know that SportsTracker supports many of them. ExerciseViewer supports PolarCicloSportGarminTimexOregonHOLUX and Kalenji heartrate monitors. This is the current compatibility list:

  • Polar S610(i), S710(i), S720i, S725 (tested)
  • Polar S510, S520 (tested)
  • Polar S410, S625x (tested, HRM files only)
  • Polar RS200SD (tested)
  • Polar RS400, RS800 (initial support)
  • Polar CS600 (tested, HRM files only)
  • Polar F6, F11 (tested)
  • CicloSport HAC4, HAC4Pro, HAC5 (tested)
  • Garmin Edge (tested with Edge 500 and Edge 705, FIT and TCX files)
  • Garmin Forerunner (tested with Forerunner 305, FIT and TCX files)
  • Garmin Oregon (tested with Oregon 450, GPX files)
  • Timex Ironmen Race Trainer (tested)
  • Timex Ironmen Global Trainer (tested)
  • Oregon Scientific SmartSync WM100 (tested)
  • HOLUX FunTrek (tested with FunTrek 130, GPX files)
  • Some Sony Ericsson mobiles (tested with W580i)
  • W Kalenji 300, CW Kalenji 700 (tested, GPX imports)
  • All devices recording GPX files (tested some models)

SportsTracker itself is not able to download the exercise files from the heartrate monitor. You need to use one of these tools for it:

Statistics – Diagrams

You can view many different diagrams on SportsTracker for every activity and data value that exists in the application database. Here you can see an example of a stacked diagram showing the distance covered during a year, and a diagram showing the average speed for each of the three activities I entered separately.

Map Viewer

Under the condition that your tracking watch can trace your position and record the whole session route, you will be able to view it later on the SportsTracker exercise viewer!

SportsTracker may not be the best athletic activities tracking application that ever existed, but it is one seriously good effort that tries to offer an option to the linux lovers who like to stay fit. If you are one of them, definitely give it a try!

To run Sports Tracker you will need to have Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 7 or greater installed.


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  • Justin Jopseph

    Please try to use the default gnome theme when you show screen shots. This is our gnome world, no place for ordinary themes like ubuntu ambience!!

    • Bill_Toulas

      Well, the ubuntu ambience aren’t my screenshots actually. They are from the developers. I used them to saw the map viewer because I didn’t have any tracing devices and the statistics and graphs that are generated from a much richer database than mine.

    • faildora

      how right you are, Justin.

      gnome default appearance is so much better, world’s best font (Cantarell), the perfect theme adwaita with the marshmallow scrollbars, and submenus without border lines (try use it in gnome fallback, cuz in gnome shell they have shadows) oh shit forget it , now it has the new macosx scrollbars and let’s not forget the eye pleasing icons

      simply beautiful!

  • gnome
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  • ScionicSpectre

    Wow, surprised I’d never heard of this- thanks for sharing.

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