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Moka Project | Is The End Nigh?

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Sam Hewitt the creator of the simply awesome Moka Project shares in his Google  Plus:


I kid. But, I am taking a hiatus of indeterminate length from making new themes, etc. for +Moka Project (for desktop Linux) –such as the minimal theme I was working on– the work that goes into something like this has really proven to not be worth the return.

Everything will be simply going to maintenance mode.

A reason? As attempts to monetize the project as an open source one has more-or-less failed. The open source ecosystem (in it’s current state) in which Moka exists isn’t in a place that allows indie projects to thrive (e.g. I’ve been more successful with my closed-source Android ventures).

My future icon (or other design) endeavours will be of less grandiosity, such as making icons on an individual basis (as I’ve been doing for Ubuntu applications) or other things of less scale.

It seems that people like to use themes but they aren’t willing to pay for them. But there is a solution I am working on, and it can bring profits to theme authors depending on the popularity of their themes. Be patient ;)

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