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Valve 4 Linux

Valve is looking for Linux gamers to install and test their new Steam for Linux client. They are primarily interested in experienced Linux users. If you want to join their survey just visit their page.

Also a new title seems to arrive for Linux. Team Fortress 2 for Linux is currently on beta. Ok is an old title (2007) but never mind :)

By the way games (and entertainment software in general) is a special (IMO) category of software and been close source is totally fine. Otherwise I doubt if gaming industry would be able to economical survive -in the best case scenario they couldn’t spend so much money for developing.

Hardware with Style

System 76 is a company that builds Desktop for Linux ..and more specifically Ubuntu Linux. But you can install anything anyway.  Their latest series is called Sable Complete and is all-in-one box, similar to Apple’s style. Prices begin from $799 but  they can go up to some thousands, depending your build.

See more images @ their official page

Of course there are many brands which look better than this and you can always install Linux in a every Apple box. But it is always a plus when Linux comes pre-installed because it guarantees hardware compatibility -which some times can be proved painful!

Ubuntu and Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Nexus 7 Tablet is the tablet that Ubuntu will use for testing and tweaking Unity in touch screens. Ubuntu maintains a wiki with instructions on how to install Ubuntu in -$199- Nexus, but the irony is that every other Desktop  (Gnome 3, KDE) runs better than Unity on it. At least this is the impression I have by Googling around. So don’t get this as a fact!

In any case it is super nice that Canonical step up for bringing Linux Desktop in Tablets.

Nexus 7 with an iControl Pad 2 will give you a nice gadget for less than $300!

Fedora is also working on a ARM Arch and looking on YouTube some guys have already install Fedora in Arm devices.

84 Million Stars and Counting

Space has always been and always will be an interesting topic.

Read more [at]

Using a whopping nine-gigapixel image from the VISTA infrared survey telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory, an international team of astronomers has created a catalogue of more than 84 million stars in the central parts of the Milky Way.

This gigantic dataset contains more than ten times more stars than previous studies and is a major step forward for the understanding of our home galaxy. The image gives viewers an incredible, zoomable view of the central part of our galaxy. It is so large that, if printed with the resolution of a typical book, it would be 9 metres long and 7 metres tall.

Original video can be founded here: 

Next Unity will offer a solution to anything!

Canonical according to OMG! Ubuntu! hired James Matthieu for working in Ubuntu Icon and GTK themes, which is kinda funny because pt3 (just a reader) had left us a comment “Sound like Ubuntu might have hired him” about that some weeks ago! Good luck to Matthieu!

But there are some more hot news. Canonical also hired Billy Mays for their marketing department!

This is a comic with tribute to memory of Billy Mays who passed away in 2009 -don’t take it wrong.

If you suffer from hair loss, itching, you can’t sleep at nights, you can’t clean the dirt from the clothes or even if you are looking for a date, Unity will provide you with the right solutions and products for your problems. Bellow is work in progress and the first designs for Ubuntu 13.04.

Go on Ubuntu ;)

PS. I really do think that Canonical overdone it with the ads inside Unity in 12.10..

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