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Milimalistic GNOME Shell

Nattapong Pullkhow has been active recently trying to create the first parts of a project he calls “Minimalistic GS”. Although the actual goals and design guidelines are only clear inside his head, it already looks interesting.

The theming part of the project is pleasing to the eye, following a relatively simplistic approach inspired by MacOSX, Elementary and the Zukitwo looks. Along with the GS theme that is compatible with both 3.10 and 3.12 version, there are also an icon theme and a GTK+ theme available as shown in the following pictures:



The functional part of the project is currently consisted of a new extension called “hide dash x” so guess what it does…


It is clear that Nattapong takes advantage of GNOME’s theming and extending capabilities to follow a different approach on how we could be interacting with our desktop environment. This creator presupposes the use of more extensions like the applications menu that he made sure works well with the theme, but the approach doesn’t necessary require any to be functional really.

All this is basically another person’s view on how things should be which is often a case of “bickering”. You may find that you agree with the modifications, or you may not. This is the beauty of being extendable and configurable :)

Milimalistic GS Project

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  • Desirest Loïc

    It would be very nice if the launcher and the “desktop selector” was hide on the exposé, but always accessible. So you can use the drag and drop feature and quick launching apps whitout installing a lot of softwares/extensions. Finally it will save much more space !

    Otherwise everything seems fine to me, keep on your good work :)

  • Goddard

    Why is it all these images show it on a apple mac screen?