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Menu-Inline Windows Controls for GNOME!

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GNOME latest designs reveal the new windows controls that are planned to arrive in GNOME.  Let’s check Music latest designs:

Can you see the new “x” button?


This isn’t clear enough since Music is on full screen.

Let’s try a new under design application by Reda Lazri and Meg Ford, Sound Recorder.

Windows Controls (ie Closing “x”) are in the same line with the rest of the menus!



This approach is part of the GNOME Wayland port and relies on Wayland client side decorations. That means, that it won’t be ready  before April 2014, where *hopefully*  GNOME Wayland port will be done.

Of course this is still a very early mockup, and it might never happen or it can change.

Allan Day will soon print a detailed article about it. Till then, get a look  in the GNOME Recorder!


  • Simplify and modernize the interface.
  • Provide a straight-forward way to record and play previous records from the interface.
  • Handle the saving process automatically. No need to worry about accidentally discarding the previous recording.



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  • Renato Queiroz

    It would be great to have the x button again, I still don’t like the idea of getting rid of them. But, if this new design comes true, it will show that the Gnome Designers are groping in the dark.

    • Rowan Lewis

      If by groping in the dark you mean incrementally improving things, then yes.

      If they made one large sweeping change people would complain just as loudly as you are about this minor *potential* change.

  • Brian Bentsen

    Good idea, but the execution doesn’t feel great at this early stage – the x seems a little dull and out of place. Think it would look better styled like the buttons to the left of it, as it is now it looks like an element with “inactive” styling.

  • ChengcaiWang

    fc…k, this is equal to removing metacity.

    • niagr

      Who needs it now anyway? Gnome is dropping classic mode and most modern DEs are moving to monolythic shells/WMs anyway.

      • sramkrishna

        Er we are not removing classic mode. What are you insinuating?

        • niagr

          Sorry, I meant the fallback session that was recently announced will be dropped in favour of the new implementation.

          • sramkrishna

            Ah, okay. Fallback was supposed to be temporary, it was put in there to deal with graphics cards that didn’t have 3D capabilities. Since we now can do it via the cpu, we didn’t need it anymore.

  • Bartowski

    Really nice idea.

  • Braffe

    +1 to this :)

    • Remjg

      Yeah, no need to go to the application menu to exit :)

  • TopoRuggente

    For small screen device this idea save a lot of “space”, i like it.

  • Philip Witte

    Love this design idea. Hope all Gnome apps work this way in the future. Check out how well it works as an Inkscape layout:

  • Marcos V.F.

    Nice…, and it’s remember me Dan Rabbit ElementaryOS mockups

  • pahnin

    Whats the point of getting rid of the titlebar and minimise, maximise buttons!! First they had hidden minimise and maximises buttons no one liked it because every one wants to minimise and maximise windows, so people started changing the settings to get them back and now they removed entire titlebar so no one can get back their minimise maximise buttons!! I hate to use G-web because I can’t minimise it easily, same for every other app like files, I have to un maximise the window by dragging from top panel and then I have to minimise!!!! so If i ever use web I resize it so that it occupies maximum space while in un maximised mode so that titlebar is visible. I dont know what gnome people are obsessed with. I dont want all of my windows open I want some of them minimised and some maximised!!!! Just like everybody else!! I’m a big fan of gnome but I hate gnome just for this!!

    • IsacDaavid

      Have you guys watched this kind of vids where someone makes his unexperienced mom try different OS’s (GNU/Linux distros included) and then the mom gives her opinion on them? Well, I think the Fedora one (with GNOME 3.4) may be interesting for GNOME designers in spite of usability, friendliness and that kind of stuff:

      It’s sort of biased towards a typical Winbugs XP user ‘s POV, but feedback is always nice anyway.

      • IsacDaavid

        The one in which Debian and GNOME 2 are given a chance is also worth watching. The mother seems to praise the well-known “immediately take effect” GNOME feature, without having to click an “Apply” button.

      • pahnin

        at 5:50 she says “I can’t get out of something I got into!”

        • alex285

          It took me a day to find out how to attach a file in gmail in Android. I don’t expect people to discover everything at first look :)

          • Guest

            well, people can learn how to do things, but my point is even if they want to change something, why to change to something difficult, what extra space did the tiny little maximise and minimise buttons are consuming!!

          • alex285

            Actually there isn’t minimized in GNOME 3.8. Windows can only go in background. It is a different mechanism. I don’t know why minimize is still working. I should ask a GNOME designer about it.

          • pahnin

            I domt understand what you mean by that

          • pahnin

            something wrong with disqus the last comment was me

  • George Farris

    I don’t understand this as well. How would one go about minimizing or shading the application?
    I use those two features ALL the time.

    • alex285

      But this is how current works anyway. You can “sink” the window with middle-click on Window-Bar, or enable back minimize-maxmize with an extension or tweak-tool or gsettings. For maximize you can also use Super+up

      • George Farris

        Sink is not minimize. Also there was just a recent user review done where taskbar was one the top things people wanted and therefor you would minimize to it. Getting the app out of the way is a good thing for many people. I use different workspaces but still want to minimize apps.

        • alex285

          I am just saying that this is an issue of GNOME 3 and not of the new window decorations. I agree with you, since as you can see (in my screenshots) I use minimize controls!

          • Roland Taylor

            Then don’t come across as blindly defending Gnome’s nonsense.

          • alex285

            Hey I am not defending anything I don’t like. However what I have learned is that for any opinion there is also one opposite, and both are right and wrong, depending what side are you in.

            Gnomers who are doing stuffs we don’t like, they are high intelligent guys, so I don’t really believe what you are calling nonsense. Everything has a meaning, at least for someone.

            Lastly, I had Gnome since version 1, and I was never excited about it, till Gnome3. So I really like what I see. Even if I don’t totally fancy everything, overall I see huge potential to GNOME and things that all desktops should use. Open and Proprietary.

        • sramkrishna

          I agree that sometimes I would like to minimize. It’s probably one of the times I don’t agree with the current design. But that said, I haven’t minimized a window in awhile, I just move it to an empty workspace to get it out of the way.

          We had talked about a shelf/unshelf feature. It would be nice to look at it again.

      • sramkrishna

        how do you sink a window with a middle click? Is this some extension?

        • alex285

          No, this is default behavior in Gnome 3. Middle Click on Mutter will cause Window to sink (go to background).

          • sramkrishna

            Oh! I see. Sink is a bad term, I would have used “click to back” or something like that.

  • negro_tula_chica

    I love how Gnome people takes the elementary’s project ideas

  • ScionicSpectre

    If it happens, this needs to be automatically disabled for environments that aren’t GNOME, as Kwin is already planning to use server-side decorations on Wayland for the sake of consistency. Otherwise, we’re gonna’ have a huge mess on our hands.