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MATE Team now maintains GNOME Main Menu

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MATE and GNOME Main Menu

Federico Mena Quintero gave maintainership to Nelson and Stefano:

This is not terribly relevant to Gnome 3, but anyway.

Nelson Marques and Stefano Karapetsas, both from the MATE desktop project, asked to maintain gnome-main-menu.  Since we don’t use gnome-main-menu in “official Gnome”, I’ve decided to pass on maintainership to them.

Both Nelson and Stefano have requested accounts; the code will still live there.  I’ll take care of giving them Bugzilla privileges.

Obviously they want to evolve GNOME Main Menu further for use in MATE.

MATE in Fedora 18

MATE is now in Fedora 18 repositories, so people that like GNOME 2 can use Fedora. I haven’t tried MATE because it has a huge number of modules, so I am not in favor of installing it, but the MATE Team runs a very nice page with lots info.

MATE Page:

MATE in Fedora:

*** In thumbnail isn’t the official MATE Logo.

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  • jon_downfromthetrees

    It’s too bad that when the Gnome team moved on from Gnome 2 that some way to transfer responsibility for that codebase to a group interested in maintaining and evolving it wasn’t able to happen. Maybe that’s something development teams might consider: Finding new homes for their old projects, rather than abandoning them.

    I’ve played with MATE in Mint’s new release and Fedora 18. I find that it is, subjectively, at least, slower than a CentOS Gnome 2 installation on the same hardware. Also, there are MATE plus Gnome versions of several otherwise identical executables launched at startup. I’d guess this is due to the incomplete status of the Gnome-to-MATE transition.

    If MATE can roll in GTK3 and other contemporary code, they have a chance to offer a Gnome 2 interface that is not locked into programs from 2010. Let’s hope MATE’s inclusion in Fedora and it’s adoption by Mint mean it gets sufficient exposure and support from developers. There is no “One True” interface, so the more, the merrier.

  • Stinger

    If you want to try MATE, I can recommend Linux Mint ‘Nadia’ Mate edition.

    I was just curious to see how many resources MATE would use on my PC compared to Gnome 3.6, and now I’m stuck on it :-)

    Works really great without getting in the way ( Gnome 3.6 tend to do that a bit ). Low on resources, rock solid, everything just works so far.

    I’m considering a dual boot install of ‘Mint MATE’ and ‘UGR’ with the same /home and user, it should be possible as MATE and Gnome conf won’t disturb each other.

    Maybe you should add a MATE section to your portfolio ? It’s kinda Gnomish ;-)

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