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Mate Desktop 1.8 Footage

Mate Desktop reminds these 90ies Games remakes, that they have a quality gameplay, but their graphics aren’t fit to the present time. Mate is pretty much usable, but if they want to offer a real alternative and competitive desktop, they need to work a lot. Just carrying the “GNOME2-like” brand, isn’t enough.


Mate 1.8 Gallery

Mate 1.8 released this month, but the best things are ahead, with the GTK3 and Wayland ports.

Mate 1.10:

Mate Desktop Roadmap

Mate Footage

I made a video running Mate with Fedora Rawhide (21) and GNOME 3.12. The video quality is bad, but it isn’t really my fault, everything was crashing (both in Mate and Video editing!) and it took me 3hours!?! Anyway, I tried, but I gave up in the end :)

By the way if you haven’t seen GNOME2, this is how it was about!

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