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Maps Adds Notifications and a Cool Popover!

GNOME Maps recently added some new things towards to 3.14 release. The first nice new feature on GNOME Maps is the addition of application notifications.


This came from Mattias Bengtsson (#723996) and you can’t currently trigger it. Those figures show some sample notifications for demonstration.

Second new thing is a UI change, with the use of a popover to change the map layer (Aerial and Street). This was the old “Gear button”, which changed icon and it also moved from right to left.


The patches are from Dario Di Nucci (#725352)

Below there isn’t anything new, but apparently the icons are broken on my Fedora 20 / GNOME 3.12 installation, so it is new for me ;)


GNOME Maps is one of those apps that have a long way to go for matching the very advanced mockups that currently exist, but on the other hand is a JavaScript application, which make it easy to find contributors and progress further.

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