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Manage your Shell extensions with Shortcuts!

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For this extension to work as intended, you’ll need to have the Gnome tweak tool installed in your system, and the 3.6 version of Gnome Shell.

  • Installed Extensions option opens a tab on your default browser that views the installed extensions with their switches.
  • Browse Extensions option opens the Gnome official extensions website on your default browser.
  • Extension Preferences option opens the configuration tool that is now found inside Gnome tweak tool.
  • Advanced Settings option launches the Gnome tweak tool.
  • Open Extensions Folder option opens Nautilus on the path /home/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
  • Restart Shell option restarts Gnome Shell.
  • Looking Glass option opens the Gnome debugger tool.

To install this extension, simply turn the switch to “ON”

Extension Shortcuts

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  • Stiph

    I’m not sure I understand the users targeted by this extension: regular users (4 first items) or developers (3 last items). As a developer, clicking twice instead of using the keyboard seems overkill, and there is an extension to reload the shell or bring looking glass on a shortcut, which is wayy faster when you need to do it frequently.

    The two first items are just bookmarks, but I suppose this increases discoverability for new users … but you need to install the extension in the first place :)

    • alex285

      I found it useful :) By the way I think that firewalld (Fedora 18 default) doesn’t let you to install extensions from the page (!?!)

      • Stiph

        This is weird I’m on Fedora 18 (updated today) with firewalld and I can install extensions right now just fine. No custom port or protocol is involved, this is standard HTTPS requests.

        Isn’t it that the extension is not compatible with 3.6 or it crashes? That’s the only ever reason I could not install an extension. And the website compatibility check does not prevent you from clicking the install button of an incompatible extension but that just opens the install dialog and fails silently.

        Is the extension downloaded at least in ~/.local/share/extensions? Anything in ~/.cache/gdm/session.log about a problem?
        You can always drop a couple of minutes to #gnome-shell, we might help :)

        • alex285

          Hello Stiph,

          I think that was my bad, extensions are working fine with firewalld running. It just happened yesterday to have no working extensions (not d/l) and then I disabled firewall (for other reason) and there were working. Today after restarting everything works fine. Sorry!

  • Stinger

    The person who made this extension has humor :-)
    An extension to manage extensions. lol

    • alex285

      What about an extension that removes an extension? (ie accessibility) That’s more ironic :)
      Btw I saw somewhere that you might get an option to remove this (+ bluetooth) inside GCC