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Major apps, minor updates!

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Xnoise 0.2.4

Xnoise Media Player is a simple yet powerful media player for the GNOME desktop environment that features slick and comfortable graphical user interface. Unlike the “official” GNOME players that are Banshee and Rhythmbox, Xnoise is using a tracklist centric design similar to Amarok and Clementine.

What’s new?

  • Translation updates
  • Extension of db for future Unity support
  • Various bug fixes

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Miro 5.0.2

Miro is a free and open source music player, video player, media converter, internet tv application, podcast organizer, downloader and generally a feature-rich multimedia playing, organizing and synchronizing application.

What’s new?

There are six bugfixes on this release but only two of them are Linux related

  • Link to 7digital in the preference area for the metadata cleanup
  • File added to closed Metadata Manager

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Deja Dup 23.4

Deja Dup is the GNOME way to backup your files in a simple and easy, yet powerful and secure way!

What’s new?

  • Always makes a fresh backup every three months now, regardless of how often automatic backups happen
  • Don’t prompt for root password when restoring from Ubuntu One, as it won’t work anyway
  • Updated 22 translations

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