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Mageia 4 Release | GNOME Edition

I had used Mageia 3 through Cauldron (  Mageia development version ) around a year ago, and I was optimistic that this distro would achieve something really good. A year later, I don’t think that Mageia earned the popularity that their development team was expecting. Mageia is one of the most advertised distros, and it has a very active community, but I am not sure if they can compete distros like Arch and Ubuntu.

I barely know to use urpmi ( Mageia Updating Tool ), I am not using Mageia to know how good is, so I just go with some screenshots.


Mageia has a typical easy installation, but it also lets you to pick some “weird” options like Grub1, Grub2 or even Lilo!

Partitioning also feels quite straight forward.


Grub2 with graphical menu. There is also an option for a Grub2, with simple text entries.


The welcome screen is here to help new comers on Mageia but also to give some information about the community and the project.


Clearly affected from KDE which is the “primary” Desktop. Tweak Tool comes with lots of themes and some extensions, that are disabled by default.


The package manager. Yet another GNOME 3.10 distro that doesn’t ship GNOME Software App. Software doesn’t either exist in Mageia’s repositories.The manager itself is way to complicated.


Awful default theming and doublicating Control Center functionality with other tools.


Speaking of doublication, Mageia’s language tool isn’t any better than GNOME Settings functionality, but it still exists side by side…


I don’t know how soon Mageia will include GNOME 3.12, but those screens already belong to the past.

3.12 is coming in around 2 months, and it looks way to better ;)


Probably Mageia’s strongest feature considering the UI. It offers from Parental Control, till system Snapshots! Simply AMAZING!


A typical default 3.10 GNOME Shell.

Mageia doesn’t give the best first sight GNOME Experience, but you can tweak it anyway. It is supposed to be a good distro. It’s free & easy to install, so if you have a spare disk, you can give it a shot!

Before you try it, check on release notes, and if you decide to download it consider to use the Torrent!

Mageia 4  Download    Mageia 4 Release Notes

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