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Linux Mint: Day 3, Let There be Nemo!

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After Gnomers decision to drop Compact View, Extra Panel, Tree View, Status Bar and I can’t recall what else from Nautilus, Linux Mint made its own step and forked the file browser of Gnome. Nemo is basically a Nautilus 3.4 at the moment with just some minor patches.

You can get it from its Git ( and try it out your selves; Nautilus is one of this modules that are easy to be compiled.

I didn’t find any plans about the future of Nemo, so I guess we have to wait and see.

Henry Ford outdated sayings

There are some anachronistic people that they still believe in Ford’s outdated sayings like ” If I asked my customers what they want, they simply would have said a faster horse”, but wake up, we are living in different times, back then they still had “slaves” (1861 American Civil War, Ford born in 1863).Today people’s opinion while cannot be considered totally “free” as in many cases is formed from outer factors, it counts., and it counts deep.

Clement Lefebvre does the simplest or the hardest (depending!) thing in the word, listens to the the people. Is Linux Mint a successful product? I won’t say yes, but I will say that Mint does better from other more “densely populated” projects.

Feedback please?

But does really Clem listen to the people opinions? There is a huge question mark right here. Alright, we know that there are lot of people that are against Unity and Gnome Shell, but how many are they? How many like Unity, how many like Shell, how many dislike them?

There is not any feedback about that, at least in public view. There are just some indications and these are scattered around. Gnome Foundation hasn’t the re-sources or the means (because Gnome is different from distro to distro) to run a big scale feedback while in Ubuntu, in my opinion they are “afraid” of the results and they postpone it, till they develop a better product (and they eventually will!) and get a better feedback.

A handy metric could be USC which shows that Shell scores a medium 4 stars (200 votes), Unity scores an amazing low 3 stars (418 votes), specially if we consider that results come from inside Ubuntu community. But still this is a poor conclusion and unfortunately Cinnamon isn’t there to check.

Is Mint good for Gnome?

Absolutely yes. Clem and any Clem won’t ever work for a project that they don’t like. People believe; is better to work together with Gnome rather fork it. Ok, I agree, but you have to ask the other side if he wants to. So if Mint team isn’t going to work with Gnome, is better (better than nothing) to fork it. The projects are similar anyways and patches can apply to each side. So if Mint does some cool things, Gnome will definitely benefit from it, and vice versa.


The only thing that makes me sad, was the lost hope to see Gnome running in a “serious”, user friendly, mainstream distro like Mint.  I am using Fedora for 1,5 years and I have any right to say, Fedora is bad.. is worse than bad. Actually Fedora makes Gnome to look bad.

So why I don’t move? Fedora since release 15 (which sorry but was ..crap!), has huge, enormous improvements in every release. Fedora 16 was super better than 15, Fedora 17 is much better than 16, and Fedora 18 might be better than 17. So I keep Fedora because I know that in every version becomes better and better.

But my expectations for a better Fedora are falling apart because? Fedora gives support for 13 months (2 release cycles plus an extra bonus month), pfff.. Good things in Fedora last just 3 months, then all problems start. Is like all developers are busy with Rawhide and they abandon the stable release. Have you noticed it?

Not that is a secure metric, but Fedora has fallen in 4th position behind Mageia (which makes a crazy run) with only 1653 HPD.

A couple last things for Mint: Gnome-Shell and Nautilus/Files Vs Cinnamon and Nemo. Who has the best names? Cinnamon except a nice name has also a nice page, with news and tutorials!

Some Nautilus News

This is the new handy Recent View of Nautilus 3.6 that shows the last viewed files.

This Nautilus is running on an Ubuntu 12.10. What I noticed running the same version of Nautilus in Fedora 18, was that the Trash is named to Wastebasket, a significant difference ;)


I wish Mint the best of luck and I hope to make it really good, just to prove that listening to the users is the best UI design choice! However I believe, despite the strong complains, that the majority of the users are thrilled with Gnome Shell, specially the rookies.

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  • Earl Cameron

    I think gnome doesn’t listen to many people in the foss community. Why remove all those features from nautilus? this continual dumbing down of the interface and removing options is what will kill gnome for desktop linux and they will need the desktop if they want to go into the tablet space…but alas, I am no expert, so what do I know?

    • Philip Witte

      Dumbing down the interface is a good thing, and allows non-tech-users to be comfortable in the environment, and tech-users to allow non-tech-users to use their machines without worry.

      Removing features, however, is rarely a good thing. But sometimes it’s temporarily unavoidable when you’re changing design.

    • user

      “I think gnome doesn’t listen to many people in the foss community.”

      It look more to be that it’s other way around – users doesn’t listen the developers why they are making changes. They doesn’t seem to read bug reports, IRC discussions, mailing lists or web pages where things are explained.

  • Anonymous

    What is bad with fedora and the look of Gnome in fedora?

    • alex285

      Pidgin, Empathy, Shotwell, don’t event start, Gimp is always crushing on export/overwrite, I have at least one freeze a day that I have to make hardware reboot, I got a broken kernel, Gnome-Shell/Chrome crash often, some more bugs… but other than these Fedora is great (ha!).

      • user

        Any change to get a link to smolt profile and bug reports so we could give a more detailed look to these problems and maybe even help to fix them.

        • alex285

          File a bug requires to have deep knowledge of the issue, otherwise it will prove quite time costly. For example is fast for me to file bugs in Rails plugins I use, cause I know exactly what’s wrong. But file bugs in Fedora (in things that I have not a clue how they work) will take hours. Enable people to involve with Desktop development, and you’ll get quality feedback.

  • helmuthdu

    Why just don’t contribute with another project (xfce, elementary – almost ready – ). Splitting gnome into pieces not going to contribute to anything or make it better.

  • Robert

    If you think a majority likes gnome shell, then you are delusional.

    • alex285

      Hey don’t be absolute. I said I think, that’s from my personal experience by reading comments or articles. There isn’t a metric. Besides some people that like Gnome2 more, doesn’t mean that they hate Gnome3. We’ll try to run a feedback service a bit after the release of Gnome 3.6. Of course you can be right, just don’t be so sure :)

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  • ReinoutS

    Forking is easy. Maintaining a huge code base with lots of historical baggage is quite another thing.