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Lightworks | A Professional Video Editor For Everyone!

Lightworks is a commercial and proprietary NLE (Non-Linear Editor) for Linux and Windows platforms (soon on Mac). The reason I’m making a post about it, is because open source doesn’t offer at the moment any equivalent tools for editing videos.

As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find anything equivalent (other proprietary NLE) to Lightworks for Linux Platform.


Lightworks is at the same level as Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premiere etc, so we are talking about an editor with hundreds of features.

Obviously, I’m not comparing these 4 programs between them, because you need to have a very good knowledge of all 4 (and few people have it!), but the point is that Lightworks has many advanced functions that you will only find in the very professional video editing applications.


When we are using Blender just for adding titles and some titles effects in our videos, we got the idea how in-mature the free NLE programs still are.

Unfortunately, Lightworks is far better from open source solutions like Open Shot, Pitivi, Kdenlive etc, even in the very simplest of tasks, like making a sequence without any effects.


A typical workflow of a video editor is as simple as import, edit, export. Lightworks has a quite minimal and easy to learn -yet powerful- interface, so if you are coming from other environments like FCP, you won’t have any problem to get used to it, maybe after 3-4 hours.

Additionally to the many individual guides you will find on YouTube, Lightworks offers some video tutorials in their official site. In any case Lightworks is a popular video editor and it has a strong community support.

Pricing & Downloading

Lightworks comes for free but to get some extra features you will need to buy the Lightworks Pro version that currently costs €5.99 ($8.18) monthly, €59.99 ($81.88) yearly and €214.99 ($293.44) the outright buy. So prices fluctuate around the competition.

Downloading options offer RPM and Debian packages, but if you are running something else, you just can extract those and run the binary. Notice that even Lightworks Free requires a registration for using it.

I do not have a dual screen which is a kinda a core requirement for video editing, so no idea how Lightworks works with Shell there. You can download and try it for free (it will take you just 5′) and decide if it works or not for you! It definitely works for me!

Lightworks Download

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