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Light Table Is Now [ Jan 7, 2014 ] Open Source!

I was just writing a post about my favorite 5 editors under Linux. When it came the time to write about Light Table, I was writing that sadly this editor isn’t Open Source yet, but Light Table team had committed to release it open.

I made a final check on their page to see if anything had changed, even if I use Light Table every day, and …Light Table is open source since January 7th, under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE!

Light Table has tremendous potential and in a few days in Github has almost 5k stars and 330 forks!

The Αnnouncement

Today (Jan 7, 2014) Light Table is taking a huge step forward – every bit of its code is now on Github and along side of that, we’re releasing Light Table 0.6.0, which includes all the infrastructure to write and use plugins. If you haven’t been following the 0.5.* releases, this latest update also brings a tremendous amount of stability, performance, and clean up to the party. All of this together means that Light Table is now the open source developer tool platform that we’ve been working towards. Go download it and if you’re new give our tutorial a shot!

Via Light Table


Light Table pledged more than $300.000 in Kick Starter. For a REASON!

Light Table Official Page   Light Table on GitHub


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