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Libsecret is not a secret anymore!

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Why should I care?

Libsecret was created with the intention to replace the obsolete libgnome-keyring and the process of migrating the modules that use it is has already started. There are 16 modules that need to be migrated.

The reason you should care are the things that make libsecret better than libgnome-keyring and these are:

  • libsecret works with multiple threads
  • is introspectable
  • uses proper async model
  • has GDBus style proxy objects for various keyrings and items on the server
  • has clearer API

It seems that the developer will make it before the release of GNOME 3.6 that was the initial planning. Nice to see another little positive thing going on for GNOME in things that happen under the hood :)

Libsecret Announcement

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  • Mike Manilone

    Well, seems like a portable version of the library of GNOME Keyring. 

  • Liam

    This might make it easier to include firefox in the circle of trust. Currently, ff isn’t able to make use of the gnome-keyring.