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leftTop Hot Corner ..needs some pressure from now on ;)

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I guess you know how this works. You need to exert a certain speed/power to hit the corner. That will also solve some annoyances that you could open activities by accident -although the trigger is sensitive enough.

It will work for more than one monitors, and if your XServer doesn’t support it, there will be a fallback to the previous behavior, both for Hot Corner and Message Tray.

You can set your very own values at


const HOT_CORNER_PRESSURE_THRESHOLD = 100; // pixels

Ohh by the way GNOME Shell 3.7.91 is out!

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  • Apostolis Apostolidis

    thank god they finally added pressure support! i m sick of activating the dash just because i didn t let my mouse fast enough…

  • Apostolis Apostolidis

    and also, i think by 3.9.1 you mean 3.7.91, right?

    • alex285

      Right, thanks!

  • Rocker

    3.6 had a little jerky animations when going to overview and back. 3.7.9 has made it intolerable. The effects are so jerky now, it makes me angry. (Radeon 4250 with free driver). Cinnamon on the other hand is smooth. Unity animations were kind of laggy in precise but in raring that’s been fixed. Boo to the Shell for not just not getting animations right, but making it worse with every release. 3.2 is pretty smooth.

    • Philip Witte

      I used to have a lot of slow-down (on a fast machine) when a lot of windows where open in many workspaces (namely Inkscape). I fixed it though by installing the “Remove Workspaces Sidebar” extension which apparently stops Overview from attempting to draw every window on the computer at the same time. Now all the animations are smooth. They should really address this in the future version of Gnome.

      Also, make sure you’re drivers are setup correctly and with HD 4xxx cards it’s best to set “CLUTTER_VBLANK=none”, that might be the cause of your performance issues.

      • Rocker

        You know, setting CLUTTER VBLANK to none, I’ve noticed a considerable increase in speed, performance. I do perceive a slight lag, but there is a lot of improvement. Why isn’t the hack on by default for radeon chips? It’s unusable without it. I’m sure the average user would appreciate it…

        • Philip Witte

          Mutter (Gnome’s compositor) does it’s own VSync (tear-free desktop) which conflicts with Catalyst’s Tear-free mode (even on the newer cards). By setting the CLUTTER_VBLANK to ‘none’ you’re telling Gnome to not attempt VSync, and let AMD’s driver handle it. You can also try the reverse (don’t set CLUTTER_VBLANK and disable Tear-free mode in Catalyst Control Center). I can’t remember exactly, but there might be a bug in the legacy Catalyst drivers which makes that not work so well, but it’s worth a try (remember to restart Gnome-Shell to see the effects of Catalyst Control Center changes, and you need to restart GDM to see the effects of CLUTTER_VBLANK changes).

          ps. Catalyst Control Center has two areas to control VSync. The “Tear Free” area will force Catalyst VSync on, and then there’s the performance area (with a VSync slider) which allows you to fine-tune what happens with applications in full-screen (non-composited) mode, or when Catalyst Tear-free is disabled and it’s left up to Mutter (which again, only happens if CLUTTER_VBANK is NOT set to ‘none’).

          Hope that helps.

          • Rocker

            I’m using the FOSS ‘radeon’ driver, not Catalyst.

  • JJ

    For me, the message tray still has the lag similar to 3.6 though the layout.js has sensitivity entries (3.7.90 ubuntu gnome here).
    Also the shell now has ridiculous memory leak taking upto 1.1GB memory in a matter of hours.

  • hells_dark

    Is there a way to test it on Ubuntu 13.04 ? I have Gnome Shell 3.7.91 and there is no pressure sensitive (notification tray or activities hot corner).