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Clocks Apps is an extremely easy project to start with your contribution and meet the people behind the scenes, which by the way are very cool guys. All the developers are cool :)

This is how about Clocks looks like.

Seif says  “It is all written in python so it should be easy to just jump in and contribute to a “core app” for GNOME. We need some help with our bugs and most help with autofoo and hosting on jhbuild. So if you are up for it you can find me or allan on #gnome-design & #gnome-clocks and files bugs at

While I prefer Gjs as the main scripting language of Gnome Apps and I started writing some demonstration samples, Python isn’t a bad option either, but it definitely lacks behind JavaScript in dynamic, recognition and support. Anyway, if you want to keep up with Python I discovered this excellent Python/GTK3 tutorial that you must see!

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  • Hunterm

    I thought they were trying to cut down on different languages being used?

    • alex285

      Yes, they just try them all first, to choose from :)