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Latest images for Gnome’s Initial Setup!

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A quick reminder, Initial Setup will be included in Gnome 360 (3.6.0).

Look for your language ..and if it isn’t there check show all..

Show all also has a handy search textbox.

Choose a network..

WTF (sorry),  is this?!? To be honest I don’t know. It seems that you can login with you Google account same way as Chrome OS works. This feature while is AWESOME, is definitely not planned to be merged into 360. I guess it is just a very optimistic thought from the devs :)

..back to reality, create a new local account :)

That is all for now, you can read more about Initial Setup here.

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  • Marc

    The login thing is to connect to GOA (GNOME Online Accounts) right from the start. I’m pretty sure it will be in 3.6.0

    • alex285

      So you’re saying you can use your GOA login to actually login to your box? 

      • Marc

         I guess that would be possible. Why not ?

        • alex285

          I ll try to reach the author to ask

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  • Guest

    I like it, but what is if two languages have the same string for “Use English”?